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room available in my 55 gal!

so my sister finished moving, her and her fiance have a 75 gal freshwater tank where they used to house two adult oscars and some other little cichlids. unfortunately, the oscars did not survive the move although they still have their other fish. SO i am going to be giving my two oscars to my sister since she has more space for them, and she was so attached to her oscars anyway. i will miss them but they'll be much happier in her tank once they start to get bigger!
i'm thinking i'd like to have 6 tiger barbs and one albino rainbow shark. i'm open to suggestions as to what else i could house in my tank. i live in a small town, so any kind of fancy species are usually not available to me. if petco carries it, i might be able to get it here lol

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haha, dedicate it to big school of dwarf puffers:)
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In my 55 gallon i have a varietie of fish. if you want chiclid tank i would get angelfish. but it is your choice. mollies will do good and some glass fish but i don't know what kind you want. any idea of what you want?

55 Gallon Aquarium
1 Black Kuhli Loach
3 Black Skirt Tetras
4 Angelfish (3 Marble, 1 Gold)
1 Glass Fish
2 Blue Sunset Gourami
3 African Dwarf Frog
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I wouldn't add angels. There would be a high chance of nipping with the barbs.

If it were my tank I would probably get some more barbs, some green and/or gold and make the barbs the focus of the tank.

Steer clear of any slow moving fish, or anything with long fins so that the barbs don't have anything to nip. Maybe some loaches for the bottom as well?

Like SS says, if you have anything in particular you think you'd like, let us know and we'll try and work round that, as well as the barbs.
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yeah, i've pretty much had my fill of cichlids lol, i love them but i don't have a lot of money to spend! besides we don't get much of an assortment around these parts, just your basic "asst african cichlids", and most times when i look in the tank a few are always busy terrorizing the others. not sure if they should be packed in there together like that! ugh.
i am definately going to do a group of tiger barbs and then the albino rainbow shark. i like the idea of getting different kinds of barbs, too. i have plenty of spaces in the tank that the "shark" could call "home" and feel sheltered and hidden. are there bottom-dwelling fish that would not bother him and likewise he'd not bother them?

certifiably addicted to coffee... and now to fishkeeping.
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pair of severums :D OH OH gold severums. yeah. or firemouths. I like firemouths but ive never owned any.

I have 3 severums in a 110 with a pleco, 9 tigerbarbs, a rainbow shark, and 2 blue gourami (which i might not advise) and they do fantastic.

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