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A roller coaster of emotions :-(

So i went to eugene yesterday, not sure with what i was going to return.
i found at petco, a 2 gallon filtered, hexagon tank (no heater, but i can get one for $5, i checked) for $16!!! it was originally $30ish. It came with filter/heater/tank/rocks/hiding rock/4 (small and ugly) plants/and a lid with a light.
The only problem was it looked opened and was purple! my room is silver/grey/black/red. so i got it, on the basis i could take it back in 30 days.
So i got it home and set it up (just with clean water, wanted to see if the filter would make to much noise... (when i pause my c.d player and it makes that little sound, that bothers me!)and the sound didn't really bother me, so iw as all excited, but it ends up one of the little things to hold on the top is missing so now i have to wait till my brother takes it back and exchanges it for me.

and not one store i went to yesterday had fancy guppies!

but a petstore was having up to 75% off, so i came home with a large (plastic, but not pointy) plant, blood worms (ewwww!), a water conditioner (wasn't using one till now) a hiding rock thingy, a tank, and a few other odds and ends... lol! so think it was successful.

so i should get a new tank in a few days, and hopefully! it will be cycled by march 4th
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oh and they had a delta betta, but i wasn't "in love" and had no money to get it with anyways but they had these 2 GORGOUS deep royal blue crowntails with a black face, blue body and fins, but like deep blue! that i wanted SOOOO bad, but i can't keep getting crowntails...
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Awww, too bad you couldn't get another betta. :) I'm sorry you couldn't get any fancy guppies. I hope everything works out with your new tank and you can get it exchanged.
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