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Restocking - ideas and opinions please

Hello, I got a 20 gallon long back in January and have been letting it cycle and now it's time to add some fish.
The tank is planted with Java Fern, Needle leaf Java Fern, Penny Wort, Wisteria, and Riccia.
I have rocks that make nice caves, and driftwood.
I don't want fish that will completely destroy my plants, I don't care if they uproot them sometimes.

So far I was thinking about getting..
a couple Ramshorn Snails.
Freshwater clams (Would my liquid fertilizer hurt these?)
Ghost shrimp
Kuhli loaches
Serpae Tetras or Swordtails

Does this sound okay?

Also, if it were YOU adding fish, what fish would you add? (Based upon my plants & etc)
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I would always add kuhli loaches, but that is because I love them. They really do best with a sand substrate and can't be kept if your substrate is sharp.

A few questions first: what are your local water parameters? We're talking pH, hardness (both GH and KH). Why freshwater clams? They honestly add nothing to an aquarium and you rarely see them. If you have them to stir up the substrate they do a very poor job of that, and malaysain trumpet snails are better suited for that job.


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Serpae Tetra ... only if that's your only fish (besides substrate fish). They are nippers and not very friendly.
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If it was me I think the Kuhli Loaches would be cool but remember they belong in a school and instead of doing a school of tetra or some swordtails maybe add and extra Kuhli Loach and Get centerpiece fish Like a Bolivian Ram or Betta expensive Betta off aquabid. Or have like Kuhli Loaches and have a pair of Bolivian Rams. Note that these are the only pair of Rams i would keep in a gallon due to their peaceful nature.
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