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Restocking after a disease outbreak, to rehome small school or not?

So.. first off, the stock that I HAD is in my signature. So far I have all my fish EXCEPT 4 of my harlequins. I originally had a stock of 10 but then lost 2, then two more, then some more... Due to the 'white stuff' that grew on one of my Harly's that i thought I was going to save cus he was swimming better by the end of the day, I last yesterday (at least I think it was the same one) but everyone that has died has shown the same symptoms as the one that recently died, so I'm led to believe its a a fungal/disease infection.

So now i only have 5 harlequins left. which leaves me with a delima...

Do I just restock them... or do I re-home them to someone else that has a school? I really don't want to spend 40$ to buy just 4 fish to have shipped to me. Which means if I restock them... I'd buy from petsmart again even though it was their original stock that has caused me to go through so much money in fish. Before I do that though I'd get a 10g QT tank so that I don't get an infected tank again.

This is why I'm debated on just rehoming them via Craigslist. Obviously i will only rehome to people who already have Harly's (or going to finish their school), and have at least a 20g tank... I'm not going to give them to someone who's just going to put them in a 10g. This will allow me to just get a new school of fish and I'd feel better about paying money to ship fish from a reputable website.

So... thoughts? I'd LIKE to have a school of Rummynose Tetras, or some other nice fish. I still have all 8 of my neons that at first had been dying left and right, but now I haven't lost a single one for a few weeks now.

Obviously I won't be doing anythign until after this treatment is up (sunday) and I can go a month without a single death to make sure everything is fine.

Any other fish recomendations?

I was also thinking... or just rehoming both Harly's and Neons, and getting, perhaps a few 'larger' (use that term loosely) fish that do well either in a small group (like 3) because I like the idea of having pets I can name and identify... I feel bad when i look at my harlys and neons and go "You all look the same...... except you fatty" lol
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I'm not sure what you should do but I'm glad you have lots of time to think about this. Take the month! to settle this tank issue and see where you are at the end of March. Enjoy your tank in the meantime and let this all sort itself out. Do lots of research while you are waiting this out!
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yeah I'll be browsing around the online website to see what other fish they offer and what could work. Getta watch my plants grow at least hah. My dwarf hairgrass is confusing me though. half of it has wilted back but idk if its dying or just wilting. but the other few bunches i have are nice and green o-o could one bit be getting too much light? I find that weird since my low light plants aren't effected at all. oh well. maybe its a lack of CO2. idk.
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Do you dose CO2 and have high lights? I hear dwarf hair grass will die or not grow if you don't.

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No I only have a t8 6500k bulb. But I dose liquid co2
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