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Questions about fish food!

1.My Bloodfin Tetras has an easier time chewing on micro pellets,but not much on crushed fish flakes. Since,they were to chew on the flake,but just spit it out and swim on,so is there any food out there that is not freeze dried,but is soft enough for my Bloodfin Tetras to eat?

2.I am surprised that fish food is made out of fish meal,so do tetras sometimes eat fish naturally,since cannibalizing isn't cool in my book?!

3.What foods/brands do you recommend for tetras,loaches,catfish,and frogs?
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Most of the food I feed my fish is Hikari, it's loaded up with vitamins so it's good for them.

To feed my small tetras I use the Micro Wafers and Micro Pellets, as well as occasionally a freeze dried mix of brine shrimp/tubifex/bloodworms. Frozen food as a treat as well, spirulina brine shrimp.

I don't belive tetras actually chew on the food, do they? They just swallow. Sometimes fish will spit food out if it's a new thing, so try consistantly feeding them flake, so they know they're supposed to eat it. They might just not like the taste.
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I don't know about the Bloodfin Tetras,but I do know the Long Finned Black Skirt Tetras has teeth!
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Cannibaizing is not cool in your book?
What does that mean?
You know big fish eat little fish by nature right?

Anyway. As was said earlier. You can train them to accept various foods over time. If you want it to eat those flakes, add a little to the tank and wait a few minutes. If it doesn't eat them, scoop them out so t doesn't dirty your water, and try again tomorrow. After a couple days it will eat them.

Also maybe try some frozen foods.

Its good to mix it up a bit. Keeps them healthy. I keep tons of different kinds of food for my fish, and they love it.
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Yep, that's just nature. Big fish eat little fish.
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frozen brine shrimp
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