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Question about my fish

in my native tank, ive noticed some of my Bluegill have gotten some sort of white streaks on them, it looks almost like slime is covering them, ive never had this problem with any of my fish, ive been recently dosing them with Rid-Ich plus due to them getting Ich, could this have caused some sort of white streaking on it? they arent lines, but more of someone painting very thin white curves on them, should i be concerned?

They seem to be swimming fine, but it also seems they like to stare at the surface (probably waiting for a bug to fall in, like in the wild) but im not sure if i should or shouldnt be cncerned
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that was a bad way to describe it.... what it looks closer to is that, the fish swam into a big spiderweb, and the web's strings seem to be attached to it ( but nothing is hanging off the fish)
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It would be immensely helpful if you posted some pics.

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there you go, its the white streak towards his back, its also kinda on the fins... Non of my minnows have this problem, nor does the baby bluegill (2inch long)
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I have no idea what's going on, looks sort of fungus-y.

But I just wanna say native tank! That's so cool! Is it just bluegill?

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That is one neat looking fish! Where is it native to?
It looks like fungus and his fins looked really clamped. His fincloset to his head (cant remeber the name) looks like finrot.

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It almost looks like a slime coat issue. Maybe try a big water change and add Stress Coat. I've seen it mentioned before, but I've never had a cold water fish get Ick. Other than rapid temperature change, it's usually a water quality issue causing stress. I'd do a water change with a tad warmer water and the Stress Coat.

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awesome, thanks everyone! and btw Pearl its native to the US, i caught this one in Missouri, but ive caught them all around the US
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ok, so i did a 95% waterchange, added Prime chlorine remover, how long would it be before i start seeing em get better?
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