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I'm open to other options. I was thinking of modifying a plastic watering can diffuser to attach to my intake hose...

A larger surface with enough holes wouldn't allow the critters to get stuck/sucked in but always seem to clog up w/debris, especially in a planted tank.

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I've only used those external hang-over-the-side power filters, but I used to always have this problem with neon tetras, especially during stressful break-in times. My solution was to buy a heater guard and instead of putting it around the heater, to put it around the intake tube of the filter. It easily fit around the intake tube, with much room to spare. It was good because it didn't obstruct the intake at all, and still kept even the smallest fish far enough away from the filter intake opening for them to not even be affected by the sucking. I'm not sure of the intake mechanism of canister filters, but if its anything like the intake tube of my power filters, it should work.

I think this is the exact heater guard I use:

I don't really see them around in pet stores that often any more, though. No idea why.[/img]
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I used to put sponges over my filter intakes for my bettas- it worked great! Just choose your sponge carefully: if you are not looking to slow the filter's flow rate, choose a sponge with larger holes. In my case, I was looking to make the flow weaker since bettas are not good swimmers, so I used a more dense sponge.

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Aquarium Pre-filters: Aquarium Technology Inc Filter-Max Pre-Filter

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Get a large aqua clear sponge (one designed for a 110g), and slip it over the intake. That simple.

However fish generally shouldn't get sucked up unless they are unhealthy.
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