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Originally Posted by herefishy
Angels will nip at plants unless you use a tougher leaved plant. Festivums, discus, keyholes, apistogrammas, rams are good suggestions, as are some acaras and Nannacara species. Cories would do well to round out the tank.
These fish you suggested are all ciclids, someone told me that they will re-arange my plants because they like to build a little "home" or place to hide. So they can pull my plants out of the gravel or break off stems. I know Rams are good though, and im deffinately adding them but, are these other fish ok?

Discus are great, I wish I could have some... but they require a higher water temperature than 90% of the fish out there so, I cannot keep them in a tank with a wide variety of fish, unless you know of a few that work well with it.

I never heard of Angels nipping at plants, some people said they will nip fins occasionally (but stay pretty peacfull) Than others say that they are really aggressive and will eat fish. But thats the first I heard of them eating plants or nipping the plants. My local pet shop suggested Angels as a great "planted tank" fish. Of course, its a local pet shop!!! haha Who do you believe right? hahahah I will take that into concideration when getting an angel. But I would like to have a few larger type fish since its a 60 gallon tank. And not just tiny guppies or stuff. Although I wouldnt mind them. Just want something a little more substantial also... Anyways, I cannot add fish yet anyways, just trying to get idea's for when I do. Ahhhh what to do... lol
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Angelas can be kept if you feed them spirulina flakes from tome to time, like a couple of times a week. They are an omnivore. I think that they nip at some of the more tender and finer leaved plants more out of boredom than hunger. I know that theydo a number on some of my softer leaved apondogen like the Apondogen ulvaceous.
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If u dont want smaller fish and its 60 gallon u could do bichir/knife fish.

Senegal Bichir, Glass Knife (like to be kept in groups of 3 or more and contriversy over smallest tank size some say 55 is fine some say nothing under 100)(also electrical), Black/Brown Ghost Knife (if one of these no other electrical fish)(electrical), African Butterfly Fish, Farlowella Catfish (in place of a pleco they are odd looking and mine isnt as shy as my pleco's), and Pictic Catfish.

Note all but the Farlowella Catfish are predetory though not aggressive. (eats fish that fit in its mouth)

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Most predatory fish should be fine, as they aren't really interested in veggies anyway! That would be a very cool, themed tank.
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ok this is what I have now. I decided against the predatory. This is what I have.

5 rainbowfish (precox)
2 Angelfish
4 otocinclis (I am sure I spelled that wrong)

I plan on getting a few more Rainbow's.... and a pair of Rams. Anyone know if rainbowfish are easy to breed? Or do you know of any fish that is good to breed?
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