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planning a new 50 gallon setup

Hi All,

i'm thinking about revamping my existing, "custom-made" 24 gallon tank, and moving the existing inhabitants:

- 1 x male Apistogramma Agassizi(female got bullied to death)
- 4 x harlequin rasboras
- 1 x microrasbora galaxy/CPD
- 1 x German Blue Ram
- a couple of red cherry shrimp, mainly for cleanup duties

..into a 50 gallon, South American tank. i'm planning to add a pair of p. scalare angelfish as the "centerpiece"(the marbled ones look nice).

Will these guys get along with the angelfish pair i plan to get? i'm quite concerned about the a. Agassizi and GBR -- cichlids will be cichlids i suppose. Worst case is i can retain the GBR and agasizzi in the original tank.

i may add some cardinal tetras later, but let see how things go with the existing tenants first :)

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bump. anyone?
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Is the 50 gallon a 4 foot long tank? If so, it should be fine. The Ram and Apisto may have enough space to each have their own territory. If it's not a 4 foot long tank not sure if it would work or not. But, like you said, you could always move one of them to another tank. I think the Cherry shrimp might become a snack. Also I would bump up the number on the Harlequins to about 6-8. They look so nice in larger numbers. Also, why only 1 CPD?

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yep, i'm planning to get a 4 footer.

the harlequins and CPD's are survivors of the original batch of 8's
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