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Opinions on my 20 gallon tank (video attached)


Can I get some feedback on my 20 gallon tank setup? It is currently cycling, and I plan to add Neon or Cardinal Tetras, Harlequin Rasboras, and one Dwarf Gourami. I was also thinking about getting cherry shrimp, but unfortunatley, they are a bit over my budget, at about $4 each. I think i'll just stick with ghost shrimp as my cleanup crew lol. Do you think these fish species and shrimp will look good together in my tank? More importantly, will they survive together in my tank? I have done my research, and the only real potential problem I have found is that my water ph may be too high. I have well water, and the ph is 8.2. I also read that most fish can tolerate ph's out of their specified ranges, as long as the water parameters are stable. Is this correct? Please leave any opinions! Thanks!
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AMAZING heater/thermometer placement. Glad to see that!

I would raise the water level to avoid that sound and seeing the water line, it personally bothers me. It looks good but I think some platies would really off-set it. Cardinals shoal better than neons, so you know but I think a school of 10 neons, 10 harlequins and a DG is a good stocking list. Maybe look into honey gouarmi, though as the DGs have been rather unhealthy lately, lots of people dealing with DG disease.
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Thanks! So you think that platies would look good in the tank as well? I like platies, but don't want to deal with all the babies... If I got all males, do you think they would be aggressive towards eachother? Also, do you think neons would do well in my water's ph? I heard they prefer acidic water, but i also heard that most fish will be fine in water out of thier prefered range in they are properly acclimated... Last thing. Would you recommend ordering fish online? I also heard about DG being sickly recently, but no store near me (Richmond, Virginia) stocks Honey Gourami...
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You can do everything I mentioned no problem. Cardinals school better than neons but neons are cheaper so that is your choice there. You can do all male platies, no problems. I have ordered online and don't have any issues, just do your research about where you want to order first!
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