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Question NLS Marine Fish Formule for Freshwater Fishes?

I mistakenly bought New Life Spectrum Marine Fish Formula (instead of Therma A that I usually get).

Marine Fish formula seems to be marketed towards salt water fishes. Will it be ok for freshwater as well?
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I'm not positive, but the ingredient list that I found online is very close to the two NLS types I have here for my freshies.

The company states on their website that their formulas are all fairly similar, but they also keep their labels somewhat generic, so that their exact formula can't be copied.

To be SURE, I'd send the company an Email. Always better to be safe than sorry!
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Yup, best to go to the source for that information. They will know better than any of us.
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Hi BabyBoyBlue,

Any update, I'd like to know too?


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