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Getting some good advice here. Fish are probably the most complicated pets ever- though no store will tell you that. Listen to Byron, your fish species are hardy so they may pull through.
However, I would look into getting at least a 25-30 gallon tank eventually to help the fish, such a small amount of water and so many fish is probably the main problem.

Right now, I would change 75% of the water in the aquarium. Use water conditioner, and try to make sure the new water is close to the temperature of the aquarium. Don't clean your filter out either, I know they tell you to change the cartridge but it's not something you need to do.

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Take 1 tsp of rock salt/ aquarium salt and just dump it in.

Do clean the tank once a week until you think it is fine, if the tank was not cycled i'd suggest to get some good bacteria so drop some bio balls/ceramic balls like I do and just drop a few drops of cultured good bacteria on the tank.

Might not cost that much if you were like me who is budgeting all my tanks.

- Salt ( try to drop 1 tsp for your tank you won't need to change water afterwards, change water after a week or drop 2 tsp but change it after 2 days to remove parasites ) Fishes need some salt for their slime/ coat for parasites not to penetrate the gills/scales easily.

- Ceramic balls ( drop them on the tank but takes long to culture good bacteria still works if you don't have a good filter ).

- Overhead filter/ Sponge filter ( you can do this via DIY much fun ).

- Siphon the sand regularly ( stir them time to time to move the waste that might be stuck below that sand ).

- Decorations ( Wash properly and let dry for a day, if its not rocks then you can boil it in BOILING water not just leave it in hot water ).

- Sand + live plants don't mix that well from my experience.



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- Siphon the sand regularly ( stir them time to time to move the waste that might be stuck below that sand ).
There is no need to siphon sand, as it is typically to fine for detritus to work below the surface. Just use a hose and lightly skim the surface. With practice you can suck up the waste without any sand.

- Sand + live plants don't mix that well from my experience.
I would have to disagree. Live plants can thrive in sand, and is the favorite substrate for many with planted tanks.
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