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Originally Posted by Mikeshonda750f View Post
I wouldnt have cycled with the plants... and strongly feel its going to set you back.. regardless of what others say. Also, hold off on the water changes until you see a spike...

"They wont suffer too much because I will do daily water changes and check parameters all the time.. "

Consistency is the key.. check it every other day... keep a fish count and watch where they are in the tank, take note of their movments ect., while your daily water changes may make life a tad easier on the danios, i feel its going to get you into a partial cycle, you'll add fish, and have mass chaos.
Ive never heard a bad thing said about cycling a tank with plants.. im actually getting some established filter floss from an experienced fish keeper on tuesday which should do a lot of good for my cycle
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What you know, I've learned something new today from Lupin. That's why i love these Forums. It was my understanding adipose fins were characteristic of characins. I can't recollect that emperor tetra was missing adipose fin even though this was one of first Tetra to spawn for me.
As far as Scientific Name is concerned, I do agree, like most African ciclids, dwarf cichlids, killies are known in SN in the trade. This will definitely avoid confusuion.
But I still believe so called Asian Rummy Nose is not a Tetra. It is definitely Cyprinids although i did not have the pleasure of keeping them. hopefully soon!!!
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There shouldn't be any problems cycling with plants. The only foreseeable "problem" is that plants use up ammonia, nitrites and nitrates as they grow. This could cause your tank to cycle "silently", which means that the plants use up excess amounts of these chemicals so you never see them spike as you normally would during the cycle.

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Originally Posted by cerianthus View Post
But I still believe so called Asian Rummy Nose is not a Tetra. It is definitely Cyprinids although i did not have the pleasure of keeping them. hopefully soon!!!
I forgot to point that one out. Yes, they're definitely cyprinids. The only surefire way to distinguish them is characins have a set of teeth shown whereas cyprinids have teeth near their pharynx which means you really cannot see them clearly at all. Location is also a factor. No cyprinids originated from America. No characins originated from Asia.

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Definitelty no characins from Asia as far as I know. Although most of Cyprinids are from Asia, Europe and Africa, there are Cyprinids from North America such as a Shiners (Notropis sp.), Minnows (Pimephales sp). etc....

As far as adding Live Plants when cycling, I do understand that some may feel it may slow down the process of establishing bio-activities since will consume waste product of fish, but Live Plants are source of bio-activities when added to tank which can populate the amount of bio-activities faster. Not to mention ability to control sudden spikes depending on the amount of plant and amount of fish's waste.
When balancing pros and cons, I would do w/ plant rather than w/o if one is going for DUTCH AQUARIUM.

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