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while a 10 gallon is plenty of room and wont stress the tank(as in never have to worry about nitrate levels), a beta tends to be a little boring all by his lonesome in big tanks. Dont get me wrong, I love the beta in my 29 gallon, he is a very beautifull centerpiece fish, but he doesnt do to much at all, he just sits up at the top of the tank looking lemon tetras are where the action is at...or my cherry barbs...they are fun to watch.

So, thats why I made my suggestion of small tetras and snails or guppies with tetras. very fun to watch, yet wont stress the tanks bio load too much.

I would say ember or neon tetras in a school of 5 with a beta, but with that small of fish, the odds of them getting bullied and killed by the betta are a bit too much to warrant putting really any other fish in a 10 gallon with a beta...
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Originally Posted by juliewiegand
i get the impression youre thinking about schooling fish, however, if youre not, a betta would be lovely in a 10g and would be able to really stretch his fins and be showy
I've got a betta in a 5.5 (Steely Dan) and a betta in a 10 (Bruce the Shark). Of the two, Dan is the more active. He really is master of his tank, builds his nest in the floating riccia, and flares at his reflection from time to time. Bruce knocks around that 10 like a BB in a kettledrum. I need to get him some tankmates (some small cories and some ottos). If I were thinking about it now, I'd have silicon sealed some needlepoint netting down the middle of the tank, sewed java moss to both sides of it, and put two bettas in there.

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I have a 10 gallon, I have had issues figuring out which fish to put in, but I have figured it out. Corys are always a good idea, I have melini corys, they are small, I think they only grow to 2". I also have black neon tetras, with just a school of those you could fit in 15 max of them, they have very small bioload and the biggest of mine isnt even 2" yet. I also have black skirt tetras, I would suggest 4 or 5 of those, of just them, as they get big. Mine are still just 2", but my friend some 4" ones. Tetras are the way to go with a 10 gallon, you can fit more in and they are good starter fish.

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