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Definitely use some of the media from your 29 gallon and also some gravel and decor. I wouldn't bother transferring any water. Once you do this you'll either need to transfer some of your fish right away or feed the tank with ammonia or fish food to keep the bacteria colony alive.

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Originally Posted by Quacketj
Do most stores operate on a policy where you can pre-order these types of fish? For the most part I've always just purchased the fish they have in store.
Yes, and no. You probably won't have any luck with a big superstore. You need to find a mom and pop pet shop where you can actually talk to someone capable of making a decision.

The real answer depends on your approach. Find out who orders the fish, but don't be pushy about it. Bring it up in conversation. Then find out when they receive the availability lists. Most distributors will fax or email an availability list on a weekly basis, or twice weekly. The LFS generally just fills its tanks, and is not concerned with anything else. In fact, it becomes so repetitious, that they can almost order without even looking. "50 Neons, 25 Red Wag Platy's, 12 pair Fancy Guppies, 25 small Angels, etc etc."

You should offer to PAY for the fish before it is ordered and to take the fish directly upon delivery, without it being placed in the LFS tank. To do this, you will need to be at the LFS on delivery day waiting for the shipment to arrive. YOU NEED TO OFFER TO ACCEPT NO GUARANTEE. In exchange, the LFS should give you the fish at a discount. Have a quarantine tank waiting at home and you are set.

I have used this method many times for bulk orders, such as 50 Neon Tetras or 30 Tiger Barbs. I can usually get a 25% or more discount. That being said, the LFS in my area know i am a dedicated hobbyist who spends money at their store. You have to handle the politics of the situation correctly and do not abuse this with frequent requests.
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Thanks for the insight Pasfur, that's a nice set up you have going with your LFS. I'm sure it works out well for the both of you!

It's set, the cycling should be a cake walk with my already existing tank. That really puts me at ease to know it will be that easy.

I will be adding to my clown loach school early on. The bala sharks are out of the equation at this point, there are just too many negatives to outweigh their positives.

Back to the cichlids: I'm definitely interested in rams, so getting them will be a for sure thing. The other cichlids I have had in mind are kribs, festiviums, keyholes, and possibly firemouths. Everything else either gets too large or is way too aggressive and I'd be concerned about my angels. I do understand that with any cichlid you'll have some territorial bickering, and the possibility of really territorial times when they are breeding. I'm just looking for some smaller unique fish that will add to the variety of my tank.

If you have any questions regarding my parrot here is a little background on him. The parrot gives his fair share of aggression, especially when feeding time comes around, but it's nothing the angels can't defend and give right back to him. I remember when I first brought the parrot home, my poor clown loaches were so afraid of him, now they don't even move out of the way when he comes around though. He's a big wanna-be bully, and I'm okay with that.

I'll be sure to keep the thread going, plenty of pictures and fun times to come. I'm really looking forward to it!

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I'm prepared for this one to get shot down, so here it goes.

What are the odds I could put in a few yellow labs? I know, all I need to do is throw in an African cichlid and all hell will break loose, but what are the odds that this could work out.

I'm really questioning if I'll keep my three angel fish. I'm thinking about switching to an all cichlid tank, preferably Mbuna or African.

Tell me what you think.

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I wouldn't try mixing the labs with your other fish. Not only are they much more aggressive that the other fish you're keeping, they also have much different water parameter requirements. They prefer hard, alkaline water while things like rams need soft acidic water.

With a 150 gallon tank you certainly have the room to make a really interesting mbuna tank. However, I wouldn't recommend mixing much else with them unless it is another fish from the Rift Lakes that can handle the aggression of the mbuna.

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I was considering Firemouths in a 33 gallon I have set up, and, after researching them, I decided that they would probably wreck my carefull constructed aquascape and uproot my plants. If you're going with hardy plants and the kind of aquascape that can survive some digging, then you could have firemouths in your mix. Otherwise, I'd stay away.

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