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I know some people will keep pygmy cories in a 5 gallon. I'm not really a fan of that tank size though except for Bettas or shrimp. Some I'm obviously biased.
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Most people don't like the 5g because it is hard to keep a stable environment and cycle it properly I would plant it heavily though... So the issue mostly size...?
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Its still has the issue of not being stable even with plants. That size tank doesn't give ya much room for error at all. I have use one for a QT tank but don't know if I would for long term.

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Well I have a 2.5 gallon reef aquarium and a 3 g brackish crab tank so I am pretty experienced with small tanks;) I have never had any issues except for the crabs demolishing all life in their tank lol. I am thinking that I will be ok with a 5. I will probably lean more towards a 6 or 8g, but really they are not much bigger. I make my own filter inserts too so I always add extra carbon in my little tanks.
Do you think that would be ok then? Size wise how many would fit?
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We'll, here's how it all went down. Nine of the three stores even remotely near me sell mosquito rasboras- or that fish by any other name. :( shipping was crazy exspensive too. So, I did a bit of impulse shopping, I know I shouldn't, but I got some more plants, a school of dwarf cories which were on sale here for the first time ever and a pair of sparkling gouramis:) hope everything works out!
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That stocking is fine for a 10 gallon. Congrats on the new fish!
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Thanks! I have to put some mesh on my filter, the gouramis keep getting their tails pulled towards the intake! eek! They are sooo pretty tho.
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I have prefilter sponges over my intakes because of the tiny fish. Seems to work well. have seen people use mesh though.
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The only problem is you have to clean it a lot to get out the debris caught in it
I was also wondering, one of my new Pygmy cories is a different pattern...he does not seem to shoal with them yet either, and I think he is a different types will he join their group eventually once he settles in?also, do stripe kuhlis school with black ones?
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