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oh, i forgot to include that, didn't i? ok, he's a common pleco. and today i came home from school, and he was laying on his side in the gravel, which gave me a mini heart attack, and so i thought he was dead, so i reached in to grab him and discard him, when all of a sudden he bolted away! and i literally jumped! so which leads to the question; how can i get him to reconize shrimp and flakes as food, rather than just algae?! i think i might be starving him......... yeah, thats happened a few times! lol! so please respond, ASAP!!!! thnx alot!!!
-NoaDon12- ;)
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ok, but really, i think he's about to die........... HELP!!!!!!!!! why why why?!?!?!?!? i might have starved him to death........ i feel like a killer!!!! helpppp!!!!!!!! :(
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Originally Posted by NoaDon12 View Post
how can i get him to reconize shrimp and flakes as food, rather than just algae?!
-NoaDon12- ;)
I used to have a common pleco. He also was totally uninterested in shrimp, flakes, bloodworms, etc. They don't eat meat-based foods like these, they only eat vegetables ... algae wafers, slices of cucumber, parboiled zucchini. Mine enjoyed leaves of spinach as well. Trying to get him to recognize flakes as food would be like trying to get you to recognize flakes as food. :P

Also, I hate to say it, but he will get WAY too big for your tank. Common plecos grow to be longer than a foot. After 2 years, mine was about 7 inches long. To make matters worse, the larger they get, the less they seem to be interested in algae (my experience). They get to be bullies, too. I took mine back to the pet store, hoping they could find a home for him better suited to his needs.

What makes you think he's dying? Just listlesness? If he's starving, did you try feeding? (Silly question, but I feel like I have to ask!)

Good luck

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Yep, these guys do get to be absolutely huge. I would consider returning him and getting a more appropriately sized pleco for your tank (maybe a bristlenose pleco).

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