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Cool New Member - 50 Q's on a 10-gallon Betta sorority inside.

Hello everyone, I am new here on TFK. I am not new at fish keeping by any means, I am new to what I am wanting to do with this tank. I am wanting to start a 10 gallon female betta sorority. I want to use absolutely no filtration if at all possible. This will be my first time planting. As far as stocking goes, I am going to do a little overstocking. Let me get to my questions which I will number for your convenience.

1. I know this is a horrible question being I am an experienced fish keeper but other than the chemicals that they sell at the store, is there another way to cycle a tank quickly? I want to get this moving.

2. If I have a heavily planted tank, will keeping eight females in it be an issue?

3. Can Ottos and Neon Tetras coincide with female bettas?

4. I was planning on using pea gravel as substrate, but I like the look of sand. Can you grow basic plants that I can buy at Petsmart in sand?

5. The lady at Petsmart said I needed a 17-watt T8 Floral bulb for the plants they had there. I know better than to take their information seriously. Is this true?

6. What do I need as far as fertilizer goes?

7. Can I accomplish a happy tank without filtration as long as it is heavily planted?

8. How do I go about introducing fish when it's time? If applicable, tetras and ottos first, then the females?

9. Will I still need to do water changes?

10. Will I need to put an air-stone or bubble wand in?

Those are all of the questions I can think of off of the top of my head. It's been a while since I've kept such a small tank. I'm looking to stock 8 females, 6 neon tetras and 3 ottos. I can do as many water changes necessary to make this healthy. I apologize for all of the questions.

- Charlene

Also, anyone in the St. Petersburg, FL area who is interested in a 33 gallon hex-front with a nice wooden stand, heater, UG filter, light, ect. as well as a 2.5 inch Red Devil / Midas (unsure on which he is) with a small bump visible (male) and/or a 5.5" Royal Pleco that have lived together peacefully if anyone is interested in them together. I am selling the tank with listed accessories for $125 the RD for $20 and the RP for $25. If you want the tank and the fish you can have it for $135. Will haggle but it's pick-up only.
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Hey Charlene and welcome to TFK. We also have a betta subforum; there are many people knowledgeable there about keeping sororities.

1. The only easy way to cycle a tank is to take established filter media or substrate from a healthy tank. Plus if you heavily plant the tank, you won't have to deal with that much of a cycle.

2. I don't think 8 females in a heavily planted 10 gal should be a problem.

3. Ottos and neons can coexist with bettas, but your tank simply won't have enough room for these fish. Neons need at least a 20 gal tank and with 8 females, it will already be a little crowded. Save the neons and ottos for another setup.

4. Plants that will grow in gravel will grow in sand. You should also look into malaysian trumpet snails to help prevent the sand from compacting.

5. Floral bulb? I'm not too sure what that is. The names of the bulbs are rather irrelevant. They are designed to sell them. I found that Petsmart didn't carry the specific bulbs I use, so I had to go to Petco. I use a 6500 kelvin, 15 watt, 18 in T8 bulb and get good growth in my 10 gal tanks. The kelvins are the most important part. You want a bulb between 5000k and 7000k.

6. The fert that almost everyone here uses is Flourish Comprehensive. It's highly recommended for a heavily planted tank.

7. It is possible to have a tank without a filter. Byron has a 10 gal without a filter. The biggest problem seems to be heat exchange, but that can be helped by placing a submersible heater horizontally near the bottom of the tank.

8. Introducing the females is a bit of an art. Some of the sorority experts over in the betta subform might be able to help you more than most of us here.

9. Water changes will still be needed. You'll probably need pretty large ones.

10. I wouldn't put in a bubble stone as it would get rid of the CO2 which is necessary for plant growth. Betta can also utilize atmospheric oxygen, so you don't need to oxygenate the water. You could use a sponge filter that is powered by an air pump to give a little more surface area for the BB and provide some more water movement.

Hope I was able to be of some help! I know the betta subforum will be able to help you with a lot of the female betta-specific questions.


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I've been doing some research and if I use Seachem Flourite Plant Substrate like what is listed on could I mix that with another substrate like sand for a nicer look? The Flourite looks like mulch.... It's gross.
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