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New Guppy Fry

I came back home and discovered a guppy fry, i have no experiance with this and need help. I have 2 kuhli loaches and 4 guppies. In a 10 gallon aquarium. *Well the one guppy got eaten, which is not good, but i think the guppy is still pregnant so what can i put it in? I need to make a homemade tank or container for it any ideas?*

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It all depends. In a ten gallon fish tank guppy fry will soon overpopulate it, guppies reproduce like crazy. Do you have an empty tank you can use? Or maybe a bigger tank with compatible tank mates? If not than you will have a serious overpopulation issue. You can however just let your adult fish hunt down and eat the fry. If you want to keep the fry than you have to find somewhere for them to live. As for homemade container It all depends on wether or not you are very good at craftmanship and have the nessecary materials. I would personally buy something from the store. You can get a 5 gallon container for about $10 (may vary on where you live), or you can get a breeding net to seperate the fry from the adults. If you want raise the fry to adulthood you will have to feed them alot. Home bred baby brine shrimp would be the best. You can also use egg yolk. If you chose to raise the fry to adulthood I highly recommend doing additional research. You also have to find somewhere for the guppy to live when they grow up. If you want to stop having fry you will have to seperate the males from the females.

Hope that helped
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Oh yeah, about the pregnant female you will probally have to get a breeding net for her. Note that if you move the female to a different container she might be shocked and abort the fry.
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Well i made a container from a tupperware, a good sized one. A poked holes for ventilation making sure it is to small for guppies to escape. Its in the same tank that it was ealier, i made it clinging to the side of the tank. I wonder if it gave birth already to ALL the guppies and maybe the one i saw was the last one. Hmmm. But even so i got it into the container and it seems fairly happy. I gave it some extra food so its not hungry for some fry's. Well ill see how this goes. Want me to post a picture?
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