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Cool New Blog. New Title. Zen & The Art of Aquarium Maintenance.

Starting a new blog. Where? Jury's out.


Zen & The Art of Aquarium Maintenance.

I changed the Blog Title. It will probably change again. Improvisation is the key to evolution.

Klaus & I took some photos of the aquariums yesterday. Mostly for the snail's sake. I'll get that up & interesting in a day or 2. I'm fascinated by their eating habits. Don't worry. I'm a big fan of the Edit button.

I meant to go shopping for fish today. I felt a bit anxious about it as Boston has crap options as far as Aquatic Pet Stores. I couldn't get going. I ended up moving all the dining room furniture, cleaning surfaces, scrubbing carpet & pruning all my house plants. Craig's List usually has a few good specimens of cichlids. There were tons when I was getting set up. Not so much right now. I looked for shops in the Yellow Pages & made some calls. There's a place called Aquatic Treasures I'm going to check out tomorrow. It's in Newton. After calling half a dozen places getting a feel for the depth of animal knowledge, this place is the most, well, the only promising place. The owner is affable over the phone which is quite hard to fake. So, till then I'll have to be happy feeding my little ones blood worms & zucchini.

Bon Appetit!

Cheers, Lisa
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Cool Zen & The Art of Aquarium Maintenance (blog)


Hello, all. I hope everyone had a good weekend. To those of you who read my last entry; thank you. I hope it's becoming enjoyable & you'll continue.

I wrote last time I would check out the facilities at Aquatic Treasures in Newton, MA & gauge how much to trust them. They're getting more stock in but I can't go in today. It's all wet & slush out so my boyfriend has the car. Anyway, I'll go later this week. I'm satisfied with the conditions so I will be back. They're almost 50/50 in fresh/salt water. The selection of equipment is small. They have an artistic selection of bowls & accessories. All the tanks were in good order & seemed happy for the most part. They offer some Doctor Quarantine services. Some people don't have the space or the money to have a quarantine tank. Believe me, I know. If it weren't for Santa I'd still be on one tank with a 5yr old wet/dry filter. The animal selection is limited but the species I'm looking for. Smaller than say, Petco. The Manager is very nice & communicates well. He's very knowledgeable & has a teach/share attitude.

I bought some frozen blood worms. My fish are crAAAAYzy about them. "Finally! She brought in a caterer!" They come in 4 mg capsules. I was worried some of it would go to waste because that is a lot for 3 mollies & 2 Neons. But oh, no. They eat that & they want more. It's so much fun to watch Kitty eat a worm that's bigger than she is. Nikki eats right out of my hand. One behaviour change I've noticed is that Nikki, aggressive little she-devil, has calmed down & the silly little boys, Wu & T'Ang, are macho-ing up the place.

Congratulations! It's a fish!

I started the 2nd floor tank mid-October. Nikki was one of the 1st tenants. She quickly killed all the females & made Mister Mann her boy toy. She showed signs of being pregnant almost immediately. She came down with Velvet & almost died. Once she was treated, ( I didn't separate her) she came back in full force. Again, started showing signs of pregnancy. Mister Mann died soon after. I don't have a definite clue as to how. This was back in late-October. I thought nearly 3 months would be too long a gestation period. She continued to look pregnant & still does. Today as I am feeding everyone, I notice a worm that's swimming. OH! HEY! It's a Baby! Nikki gave birth to 9-10 fry last night! I have read numerous accounts of giving a female Mollie her own tank, crank up the heat & feed feed feed her & BOOM! babies. It's true. They're both black & Tangerine mottle. I can't believe it. I am so proud. Could they have 2 daddies? Or just a mix from mommy & daddy? I've thought about turning off the wet/dry filter so no one gets sucked up. It's time to do a water change. I'll do some research to find tips on the best way to handle this. Hopefully there won't be any casualties in the filter. Wish me luck. If you know a good meal for fry, let me know.

I'm tickled pink about the new arrivals. Truly grateful for the poor selection at the pet store.
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Cool Zen & The Art of Aquarium Maintenance


I wrote earlier that my male Tangerines have become more aggressive since I introduced frozen blood worms. That lasted about 2 days. They are alert to my presence & are hip to me feeding them. Their interest is short. Quite a bit of food ends up on the floor. Wu & T'Ang do a trans vacuum but they leave food on the surface. They're excited when I'm there. I wag my finger & they follow it but when they discover food they only push it along. I tried, maybe they want other trip but they don't seem to like anything. Could it be a sign there's a large amount of Nitrogen? My chem. tests show balance. I still tout my inexperience. Bored, maybe?

Nikki, however, is ravenous. She eats everything. I love it. I giggle so uncontrolably when one, well most of the babies snatch up a blood worm that's twice as big as they are & eat it faster than they get caught. And Nikki doesn't like to share.

I'm getting ready for a Ski Trip & don't have my mind focused. I will get back to you. All.

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