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This is a discussion on New Aquarium within the Freshwater and Tropical Fish forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; --> Originally Posted by mirdad97 But all fish grow to a size suitable for its container... it also says on alot of sites. Reasons why ...

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Three Line Cory
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Sabanus Bumblebee Goby
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Originally Posted by mirdad97 View Post
But all fish grow to a size suitable for its container... it also says on alot of sites.
Reasons why this site > others.
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Originally Posted by mirdad97 View Post
Hey Guys, I have just bought a 125 liters/33 gallon fish tank. I set it up with gravel and all but the filter doesn't release bubbles into the water, it just keeps it moving.What should i do?

I was going to get 4 fish for the 33Gal. Tank but not sure if they can live together:
Kissing Gourami, Angel Fish, Siamese Algae Eater, Mixed Color parrot Chichlids.

One more question: If I get these fish and my filter works (releases bubbles/oxygen) then should i get plants for my aquarium? Real or fake? What kinds?

If you want me to take pics i will upload em.

I would first read up on starting a new aquarium paying close attention to the (cycling process in new aquariums).The process can take four to eight weeks and adding fish before then can result in sick dying fish without daily large water changes.
Use the time while waiting for the tank to cycle to research planted aquariums and or fishes that interest you and then check the profiles here for the information on the fish with regards to what particular fishes would do well with the water you have from the tap. would also invest in a test kit for your aquarium such as the API Freshwater Master Kit. This will help you through the cycling process.
I will say that for 33 gallon tank, you should be looking in my view... for fish that do not exceed 4 inches.
Folks here can give you a good idea of the fishes that will work for your tank once we know what the water you will be using for weekly water changes is like with respect to pH,and general hardness.
Not all fish will do well depending on whether your water is hard or soft. Again,, a test kit will tell you or you can call the local water company and ask for this information,
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