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New Additon Question

This is a discussion on New Additon Question within the Freshwater and Tropical Fish forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; --> Got a question about adding a new fish to my tank. I was at the pet store today and fell in love with a ...

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New Additon Question

Got a question about adding a new fish to my tank. I was at the pet store today and fell in love with a couple of species. I'm looking at some nice blue male Dwarf Gouramis (sp?) and or some Von Rio Tetras. I'm currently keeping a 75 gallon tank with java moss, black neons, regurlar neons, lemons, rasbora hets, and corys. My question is compatibility and how many. I'm worried about my neons and their size. Don't know much about the Gouramis as I've never kept them. Von Rios seem to be like Lemons. Can someone help me out?


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Most of the gouramis sold in fish stores are male and it is rare to find females. The males have been known to be aggressive with one another but in a 75 gal you may be able to get away with it. Were it me,, (and it aint) I would go with Pearl gourami and von rios.
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Dwarfs are really nice the calmest combo would be a powder blue and a honey(dwarf). They'll be great in a lg. tank. I have a 50g and now 4 dwarfs they're all so gaentle.Also they're all with small tetras and danios too. they would never bully a lil' fish
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