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Cool NEW 55g Project

So. I am new to the aquarium community, i bought my first aquarium about a month ago and I am completely hooked. I originally bought a 29g tank setup at Petsupermarket and immediately realized it was not enough. I recently snagged a 55 gallon tank and stand (for free) its funny how things fall in your lap. I am looking for suggestions on how to set it up. I plan on makng this a freshwater tank and replicate the natural environment as much as humanly possible, to include live plants and keep agressive fish i.e Ciichlids, jack dempsey, and others. I am looking for advice on how to set this thing up... the skys the limit. lighting, filtration, pumps, etc.

Thank you in advance for all you help, Fish Community

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first important consideration is your water supplies pH - this will affect which fish you can keep. I'd advise getting a test kit for pH, ammonia, nitrites and nitrates if you haven't already - the API kit is very popular

If you're intending on having live plants please read Byron's stickies at the top of the the Aquarium Plants section of the forum:

this will give you some excellent info on lighting, filtration and substrates:

Many cichlids will not be compatible with plants as they will dig them up. Fish profiles can be found on the top bar of the forum for more info.
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I second everything that sik80 has said!

Welcome to TFK! Glad you've joined us!

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Welcome and I agree with what the others said. LOL

Kindest Regards,

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chilids and plans are like a gardener doing the garden after a bad hangover

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I have the API Master Test Kit. My tap water PH is 7.6 which is slightly high, I am having trouble with this in my other tank. I am looking to keep agressive fish as well as having live plants. So I have my research ahead of me to figure out the best species to keep. Thank you for all your help!
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