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I contacted the seller about all the dead fish. They weren't covered by his regular policy since they arrived alive, and I didn't contact him until almost a week later, but he graciously covered the loss with store credit. I tested my water and everything was fine, so I had him go ahead and send me replacements. This time there was one oto doa. Everything else shipped fine and is looking great, including four otos. Cories are tiny but all seem healthy.

The plan now is to just leave then tank alone for a while, let the plants fill in and give everything a chance to stabilize.
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Bit of a problem with the cores. Not something I'm familiar with. They're all still alive and looking good. I have a school of 13 now, they're eating fine and being active, though a few of the smallest still seem a bit tired from shipping. Three of the fish from the original shipment are getting a bit fat. They are sluggish, and seem to have trouble orienting themselves. Their buoyancy isn't quite right. They have good energy and are still swimming, they just can't do it very well. When they sit on the sand they're bellies stick out so far they kind of rock. It doesn't seem like dropsy, because it has come on really slowly and the fish don't have that pinecone look. Some of the fish are also flashing. I thought it was just playful at first but the frequency is increasing. No idea what this is.

I thought it might be a swim bladder issue from adapting to a higher CO2 environment, but their respiration seems very relaxed and they don't seem agitated apart from the flashing.

Currently I'm thinking it may be constipation from the dietary change. I don't know what the supplier was feeding them. I'm feeding them hikari sinking tablets and ocean nutrition community formula flakes (they eat the flakes that sink).

Second picture is of the most affected fish. First picture, the big cory who's tail is pointing to the left of the picture is starting to swell a bit.

Suggestions? I really don't have much experience with sick fish, but I feel like if this is something serious I've recognized it pretty early, just need to know what to do.
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Made some progress figuring out what is going on. What I thought was algae, are actually hydras. I'd never had these before and didn't even realize they were creatures. I just poked one and it contracted, so definitely not algae. I've been reading about them for a bit and apparently they can sting and harass small fish. The cores that have had the hardest time have been less than 1/2" long so I think this could be contributing to the losses. I think there is a decent chance that this is what is causing the flashing as well. The disoriented fish I am still not sure about. It's even fatter today. It's also more lethargic and has even worse balance
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Could you perhaps move them to a breeder net in the tank until you figure out what to do about the critters?
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Been doing water changes with reduced feeding. Seems to have helped, cories are flashing less and I see fewer hydra. Can't really say if it's all related or not. The disoriented cory seems maybe a bit better today. It still has great energy and respiration seems normal. I did lose an oto to similar symptoms though, slightly bloated and disoriented, spent most of its time near the top. Overall the tank seems pretty healthy, water is getting clearer and there isnt much algae. Substrate is spotless and the plants are growing well, new leaves everyday.
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It is great got that you it under control!

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I wouldn't say it's under control yet. I've still got hydra, but tank overall seems healthy. Water has gotten very clear in the last few days and the plants are doing great, the Anubis especially is putting out about a leaf a day.

Sick Cory is still sick, but still alive. He still eats and acts normal other than the swimming. Doesn't seem agitated. I'm not expecting him to make it though. Something is definitely wrong with him, and without knowing what it is I really can't do much.

I'm seeing a bit of green spot and hair algae growing in some parts of the tank, and I have been getting a bit of surface film. I think it's because my flow rate is too low. Current pump is rated for I think 80 gph. It's pushing water through a fair bit of pipe since I've got the reactor in there, so I'd be surprised if I were getting more than maybe 50 gph. The water in the tank is pretty calm and the filter output isn't strong enough to agitate the surface much. It isn't able to sweep the tank of debris too well either. I've ordered a 160 gph pump that I think will be much better. I'm a little worried that it will be too much flow for the tiny cories, but if it is I can turn it down.
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Tank as a whole is doing well. Plants are finally showing the growth I've been trying to get. I tested water today after yesterday's water change and I'm very happy with the parameters.

pH 6.7
Gh 7
Kh 4
Ammonia 0
Nitrite 0
Nitrate 20 (a little high, I've adjusted my macro dosing slightly to compensate)

The drop checker and ph/kh tables both put my CO2 at about 25ppm, which is just what I want.

I still have the hydras and more algae than I want (none would be nice). I'm not going to do anything about these just yet, I feel like the tank still needs a break from change. I'm going away for a few days this weekend, I'll do a water change before I go and reduced lighting/CO2 while I'm gone. When I get back I'll do another water change and add the new pump. After that I'll decide what to do about the hydras.
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post #89 of 91 Old 02-17-2014, 07:59 PM Thread Starter
Back from the weekend and ready to work on the tank! Gonna be testing all the parameters and using my new phosphate test kit for the first time. I'll be installing the new pump too! I'm a little worried that the filter might not be able to flow as much as the new pump can push but we will see!
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post #90 of 91 Old 02-18-2014, 01:46 AM Thread Starter
Phosphate was about 1.5 if anyone is interested. Not a super meaningful test at this point since I haven't been fertilizing for the last few days.

New pump works fine. It's a bit noisier than the last one but that makes sense since it's flowing more. It's probably doing about 120gph and flow in the tank is way better, maybe a bit too high. The fish don't seem to mind it but I'll watch them over the next few days, probably end up turning it down a bit. I think I may modify the filter input to make it a skimmer. I didn't want a skimmer at first because I was planning to have cherry shrimp in here. But since I have decided not to add cherries to the tank I may as well add a skimmer. We'll see how the extra surface agitation does, maybe it won't be necessary.
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