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I guess his tank is the old style 33 long,..I love those tanks. I like black neons with angels..the shark will be curious and cute till he is about a year old or so,..three inches, then it can be trouble.
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Yeah, this tank is probably about 20 yrs old. It's 36" long and a foot deep. Right now it looks pretty empty but I'm stocking for the full size of the fish. So with what I have in there right now, I'd say it's probably half full. An active school should make the tank more attractive. The shark cleans up the food that settles on the gravel and the Angels take care of anything floating around and then they troll the floor of the tank for left overs. I'll most likely go hunting for the rummynoses over the weekend. Appreciate all the feed back!
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That's a nice length to the tank but it seems a bit short for angels who really should have a taller tank.
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Oh, maybe I read that wrong. When you said a foot deep I was thinking heigth, but reading back I see it's 18" high which is perfect for angels. My bad!
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Yeah, it's like this:

|----------------------- |----|
| 18"-------------------|---/
|----------------------- |--/ 12"
------------ 36"

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Ok, I decided to go with white cloud minnows. They just looked really lively and school together really well. The Angelfish thought they were food at first but hopefully they won't do much more than threaten to eat them.
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I think they need cooler water than angels...
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Originally Posted by djembekah View Post
I think they need cooler water than angels...
I don't think they are too temperamental with temperature... they can live in warmer water but they can also live at room temperature or even colder.

Although the nominal temperature range for the species in the wild is 18–26 C (64–79 F), it can survive water temperatures down to 5C (41F).]
I really like their colours and their swimming habits!
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And goldfish can live in warmer temps, tho they actually prefer colored temps. I recommend sticking with tropical schoolers.

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I keep the temp around 77-78 degrees... I've had issues with heaters not shutting off and coming home to a 90+ degree tank. 77-78 generally works well for a community tank IMO.
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