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This is a discussion on Need some advice within the Freshwater and Tropical Fish forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; --> Many people on this forum use ammonia . Dose till the water test reads 4 ppm. I use fishfood, a couple flakes per day, ...

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Many people on this forum use ammonia . Dose till the water test reads 4 ppm.

I use fishfood, a couple flakes per day, till ammonia rises... about two weeks. Then the cycle completes itself in another two weeks or so. I am cycling a 75 gal right now using this method.

I would never cycle with fish in because it will harm them to be exposed to unballanced water conditions. Many people do though.

Best thing to help a cycle is used filter media and gravel. If you have an old filter that has been running for a while, put the whole filter onto your new tank...instant cycle. Just add fish slowly so your bacteria colonies can adjust to the changing bioload. And test your water often till your sure what the tank is doing. Of course water changes are still required even after your tank is fully cycled.
Good luck!

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Originally Posted by wwright12401 View Post
I have had tropical fish all of my life. I recently had a 55 gallon with a large ornate bichir, two large blood parrots and another common bichir. We moved and I lost all but the ornate and one blood parrot in the move. I lost the other parrot a month ago and I was left with the Bichir. He did fine in the tank. I had tried putting a few other things in the tank with him like some african cichlids, another blood parrot, and I would always wake up to find the other fish dead. I figured he was killing them overnight. I decided to get rid of the remaining bichir and my kids wanted some fun tropical fish. I got some guppies, and they all died within hours. I tested the water and my nitrates are high, around 80 ppm and my alkalinity and ph tested high also (ph tested toward acid). I am at a loss. I dont know whether to start over and drain the tank and start fresh or just treat the tank. What should I do?

Hope I'm not too late but you might take a look at the methods in the link in my signature.

just a thought.

Worth at most .02
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