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Originally Posted by cullens089
well ic i guess im kinda screwed on getting some more fish lol
Not precisely. You could get another tank and split out the fish you have in the current tank.

Get a second 90 gallon (or 110 or 120 or if you have the room a 6' tank in the 125 to 180 range), and put the Clown Loaches and the Bichir in that. then add another 3 to 5 clown Loaches, a second bichir, and school of large rainbowfish, and a breeding group of sailfin mollies. Put some oyster shells in the filter and get the hardness up to keep the mollies healthy (which should be OK for the Loaches and Bichir. IIRC clown loaches can handle pretty hard water so long as you raise the hardness incrementally).

That will leave the BGK and Lace Cats in the other tank, which will make it nice and low key. Get a male and 2 or 3 female Moonlight Gouramis and 6 to 8 Glass Catfish, and maybe a bumblebee garra pingi. Keep the lighting subdues and plant the bejeesus out of it with crypts and Java Moss and Java fern.

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