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Need help ID this fish that I just bought

I tried to search for it, but I saw the scientific name was something like cepthsomona and now I can't find that fish info online anywhere.

Can someone tell me what this is.


It has big eyes, and this breed also comes in patch pattern but mine are stripped. Also, it has a narrow nose.

Thanks again
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Leopard Ctenopoma

hope that helps!
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Originally Posted by redfox View Post
Leopard Ctenopoma

hope that helps!
There are more than one species of ctenopoma. Does not look like the leopards I've had, and I got them SMALL.

Ctenopoma weeksii is my guess, but with the angles of the shot and the age of the fish its hard to determine anything better than a guess.

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The big eyes on that pointed snout along with the spikey dorsal fin make me think maybe a Datnoid of some kind?
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Yes I say Datnoid also.
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