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Your tank is technically not really a community tank but is more of a semi-aggressive. Feel free to get something colorful and nice to look at. Go with a clown loach, rainbow shark, redtail shark, pictus catful, etc. A pair of cories does an amazing job at keeping gravel clean of uneaten food. I do like the point mentioned earlier that these fish are not "scavengers" and must be fed. My favorite fish in my tank is my dinosaur bichir and he is always rummaging for leftover frozen foods and he even eats flakes, which is rare. Crabs work well too but they are escape artists and will try to get other fish. They arent the best at catching them but I have had a 2 inch fidler crab take down a 3.5 inch gourami once. The bottom feeders in my tank include clown loach, redtail shark, 2 spotted corries and a pleco. I had 3 otto cats but my dinosaur bichir ate them whoops. Everyone gets a long great tho.

Mike H
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There is no reason that you can't have corys with gravel. There is a lot of information out there that says gravel damages they barbels but it doesn't. I have 5 of them in a gravel tank and their barbels are huge! They are very healthy and when I isolate them they breed readily in a gravel tank.
Kuhli Loaches are another option as they will also stir up the gravel a bit and will scavenge some. In a 30 gallon with the fish you have I would say 3 of them should work well and doesn't overcrowd the tank.
You could also consider some kind of shrimp as a scavenger as they are considered by some as some of the best scavengers in the hobby. I would be concerned that the tiger barbs may make snacks of them but trying the cheap ghost/glass shrimp first to see would give you an idea if the shrimp would be left alone or become an instant buffet.
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thanks for the help everyone! i went with two yoyo loaches. they seem quite happy and my tiger barbs leave them alone! i may add a third one later.
(and yes, i will feed them their own food!)

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Originally Posted by mHeinitz57
Go with a clown loach
Clown loaches will not suit a 30 gallons long-term. Despite being slow growers, a bigger tank should be set in store for them to prevent stunting of growth.

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I guess that would be a difference of opinion then. Clown loaches take so long to grow and a 30 gallon tank won't really stunt the growth. Even if you have the tank up long enough for it to get full size, you could sell that thing for a pretty penny or upgrade to a new tank. But yes, a full size one is not suited for a 30 gallon.

Mike H
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