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?????? name the fish you have

What kind of fish are in your tanks?
I have!
55 gallon brakish
6 Mollies
2 Archers
1 Columbian shark

75 gallon fresh
2 Cichlids
1 Clown knife 14 inch
1 Cat fish 12 inch
1 Asian needle fish
1 Blue lobster

55 gallon fresh
6 Mollies
2 Columbian tetras
3 Painted white skirt tetras
2 green spoted puffers
more to come

10 gallon fresh
164 mollie fry

10 gallon brakish
79 fry

125 fresh an 30 salt, gallon in the works

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I have 15 guppies corbra variety, one albino catfish pigmy. hes an excellent babysitter for fry. In a tank by himself a blue betta.
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I have:
10 gallon:
-A pair of kribs

29 gallon:
-3 angels
-a lot of guppies
-4 cories
-1 blue gourami
- 3 swordtails
- 1 otto
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10G Fresh:
-1 female betta
-Adding 7 Cardinal Tetras from my 5G
-Will add 3 cories

Soon to be 29/37G African:
-African Cichlids

40G Salt:
-2 Clowns
-1 YWG
-Will add 1 Diadem Pseudochromis/Royal Gramma soon.
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I have a 29 gallon tank with 12 black neon tetras, one dwarf gourami, 1 peppered corydora, 1 dojo loach, 1 female betta, 1 pictus catfish.
Then in a betta tank I have 1 male viel taled betta fish.
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20 gal
1 jack dempsy
1 common pleco

44 gal
2 trophies buboisis
1 unk rifft lake cichlid
1 ukn malawie chichlid
1 hump head frontosa
3 clown loaches
1 watermellon pleco L-203
1 brissel nose pleco

45 gal
1 royal pleco L-203
5 albino barbs
6 green tiger barbs
6 tiger barbs
5 rainbows

55 gal
1 emperor pleco L204
1 rubber nose pleco
5 emperor tetra
5 cherry barbs
9 harliquin rasboras
10 long fin teteras
10 rummy nose tetra
3 corydor trilians
5 zebra loaches


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Mine are in my signature below. But not mentioned (in the 10 gallon) are 6 Rummynose tetra which will eventually go into the 37 gallon and guppies (1 male, 3 female, 1 juvie male).

150 Gallon - Mostly American Cichlids
135 Gallon - Angelfish Community
75 Gallon - Odd couple (Polleni/Angelfish)
55 Gallon - African tank
20 Gallon Long - QT
10 Gallon - Empty
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Signature should do...

55 Gallon

-10x Zebra Danio
-3x Angelfish
-5x Velvet Red Swordtail
-3x Albino Cory Cat
-3x Clown Loach
-3x Black Mollie
-1x Red Tailed Shark
-1x General Pleco
-1x Snail

10 Gallon


37 Gallon (Wanted)

Not Sure

150 Gallon (Wanted)

-5x Bala Shark
-2x Neon Blue Goarami
-5x Clown Loach
-1x Black Knife Ghost
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Six bettas in separate containers.
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Any one else on here have fish or are they just here reading? lol Come on tell us what fish you have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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