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Is my Pearl-scale carrying??

Hi there guys and gals just a quick question.

I have 4 of these stunning looking fish and love each 1. I have not had them to long and 1 of them is really round and just this last week seems to just sit on the bottom of the tank until its feeding time.
Here is a picture of the 1 im talking about

I have plenty of room for her if she is in fact carrying but dont want to stress her for nothing so advise would be great
Thank you
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I'd be more concerned something is wrong. There are different types of pearlscales, longer bodied, shorter bodied, completely round.... What size is your tank, how long has it been set up and what are your parameters?
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The tank is 48"x15"x18" I have owned the tank about a month now the people i bought the tank and fish from had it just over a year. When i set it up here at my place i used nearly all the water that was in there.

There are a mixture of fish in there a lot of plant coverage. The only thing i changed was the gravel, changed it to sand.
Its only been today that the 1 im talking about is laying on the floor and even then she comes out and then another 1 will go do the same thing. Thought she might be scattering and the male fertilizing?
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What fish are in there and what are your water parameters?
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Danios. platties and tetras temp is 26C and PH is 6.5 there as been no major change in the last 4 weeks
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Can you give me a full stock list and the numbers of your parameters?
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its a 39 gallon tank temp is 26c PH 6.5 there is 5 danios 2 platties 2 tetras 3 sword tails 4 pearl scales and a sailfin plec
Is that what you needed to know?

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I need your ammonia, nitrite and nitrate readings as well.

I can tell you now that your stock isn't compatable. Goldfish are coldwater fish and the rest are tropical. Tetras are also schooling fish and need to be with 5 or more of their own kind and the pleco will grow much too large for that tank. 4 goldfish is also too many for a 39 gallon tank just by themselves. I suggest you're having water quality issues but I need your parameters to confirm.
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Is my Pearl-scale carrying??

48x15x18 is a 56 gallon tank.

Temps for goldfish are highly debatable. What is not debatable is that they are kept in a wide range from 60 (and below for outside fish) to 80 (can get over 90 for outdoor fish). Low 70s is a good place for them to be IMO.

That being said, danios are not really tropical fish and do well in the cooler water. Too, the lower end of livebearers preferred temp range is the upper 60s. Low to mid 70s is a good temperature for a lot of the "tropical" fish we see in the hobby.

I agree about the tetras and the pleco. Hopefully the OP can confirm the measurements of their tank. And of course, water test results would be nice.

If you are unable to test the water then I would just go ahead and do a big water change. When the fish are acting weird that's the first thing you should do.

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90 - Congo tetras, african knife, upside down cats, spotted ctenopoma, kribensis, delhezzi bichir
2.5 - betta

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It's still only big enough for the coldwater fish or the tropical fish and not the pleco even at 56 gallons.
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