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Would keep up with water changes (maybe twice weekly) ,and try not to disturb the fish/eggs.
If eggs do not fungus and are fertilized,then fry should appear within a few day's and clean water will help keep eggs from becoming fungused.
Would look for some fry food, and or crushed up flake or pellet foods,(mix with aquarium water) and use turkey baster to squirt small amount of food near the fry three or four times a day when they become free swimming.
Can be tough maintaining water quality while feeding fry more frequently than adult fish so more frequent water changes may be needed.
If fish eat the eggs, or they all fungus,the adult's will try again and this happen's sometimes three or four times before successful hatch.
Some folks try and remove eggs to hatch them and use methylene blue to ward off fungus but theyr'e success rate is not much better than if fishes are left to their own way.

The most important medication in your fish medicine cabinet is.. Clean water.
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Thank you.. I put in a divider but its not big but and some fish as still getting to the other side. I think with all the movement some of the eggs moved around :( .. Some are clustered in the corner and away from the main batch. I'm mostly trying to keep the placos away.
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Well that sucks... Woke up and all the eggs are gone. Guess they ate them all. I'll be more prepared next time. I'm going to put them alone in the 125gal.
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I do have a question that I can't seam to find the answer to..

How long before the oscars start to lay again? Do they have a laying cycle like once a month? Or is it at random when conditions are right and if so.. What are the conditions?

Hope I can get a few answers because it's driving me nuts thinking about it alllll day lol
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Almost 2 weeks have passed...and the O's have laid another batch :) not as many as the last time.. But then again I just woke up so don't really know how many she really laid.. Hope they make it this time ..
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