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Originally Posted by aunt kymmie View Post
Nitate API test procedure:
Into vial fill tank water to the fill line on the vial. Add 10 drops from bottle #1 and shake well for 30 seconds. Into that same vial now add 10 drops from bottle #2 and shake well for one minute. Put the vial down and let it sit for five minutes. After five minutes check the vial against the nitrate card for your reading.
Must shake bottle number two for nitrate test before placing drops from bottle number two into test vial. I actually hate the nitrAte test but if directions aren't followed exactly then readings can be off.
The good part is,, Ammonia, and nitrites are remaining at zero Right?

The most important medication in your fish medicine cabinet is.. Clean water.
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Tank is looking more clear. :D Nitrates are droping to.
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what are you readings now?
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just like said befor your tank was cycl and u shouldnt get rid of the rock do to having the cycl start all over. i woldnt recomend bot wter eather as your tap water should do just fine with some water conditioner get ur ph and al of that established befor buying anymore fish dnt just chang ur filters as it could take some of the bactira out that u need. and would make it cycl again.
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We bought 6 baby tiger barbs last week...and they are still alive! :) YAY!

They are so cute and small.

Also an unfortunate bottom feeder died. Idk what happened or how long he was dead...but when I finally went looking for him ...he wasnt even a whole fish it was just pieces of fish. He was inside one of the decor..I got tired of fish going in there and dieing...idk if they were getting suck or lost or what but I smashed 2 holes in the back of it so they can escape either way.
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My 6 tiger barb babies are growing up! I got them over 2 months ago! Allso still have one of the craigslist platy fish.

I know it's been months but I finally was able to get a gravel vac. I've done water changes for the past 3 days with it and might I say it was dirrrrrrrrty the first time.

The water has been looking good the past 2 months, but it's looking better each day.

We went to the pet store to scop out what fish we might like to add next. Definately need some bottom feeders and maybe 2 more platy.

I think I might also like to get one of those lil red tail shark fish things like the tank originally have.

Let me hear your suggestions:



Also wanted to know how/what I can use to remove the calcium/lime deposits (fish safe of course) at the top of the tank...I tried my algae scrubber but that doesnt work and it's building up ... it looks ugly!

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