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Nitrite: 0
PH: 7.6?
Nitrate: 10

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lookin're PH seems to be a little high though. I'm not sure on what you plan on keeping tho

How's the water changes doing during your cycling stage? getting the hang of it?
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Just tested again...everything is the same except nitrate ( tested it 2 times in a row just now to be sure i did it right) It's down to 5 now.
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also just did a water change. my next investment will be the gravel syphen
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if you tested your nitrates back-to-back and the reading went from 30ish to 5??? changes are you didn't do it right one of the two times. I'm not positive, it just seems really unusual for nitrates to fluxuate that quickly. Someone else may chime in on this subject.

Any fish in your tank right now?
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Nitrate was at 10 yestruday afternoon...and is down to 5 now...when I tested earlier I got 5 both times.

I still have the pleco and platy in there....and the snails.

OH...and I totally tested it before I the the water change...soo...I guess I should test again?
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Is it important for me to know what fish 'were' in know the ones I killed...

I really liked those kinds and want to get them again. I saw one kind that was like what we have there before.

Hell if i remember the name though...OH

So I just googled "freshwater tropical fish" and a picture of one of the kinds poped up...Tiger Barb.

Another kind we had looked like the tiger barb...just it didnt have stripes ...and it was blue/greenish..."looked like" because of the shape.

Then we had the small platy fish, and what looked to me were minnows or something, also a red tailed shark fish? He actually died before I even got the tank up and running originally...he totally jumped out of the bucket we had him in temporaily

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Be sure to read the instructions that came with the test kit. With the nitrates it says to add 10 drops from bottle one and invert the tube several times, shake bottle two well before adding 10 drops, then shake tube vigorously and wait 10 minutes before comparing colors. With Nitrites I think you only have to wait 5 minutes.

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Nitate API test procedure:
Into vial fill tank water to the fill line on the vial. Add 10 drops from bottle #1 and shake well for 30 seconds. Into that same vial now add 10 drops from bottle #2 and shake well for one minute. Put the vial down and let it sit for five minutes. After five minutes check the vial against the nitrate card for your reading.

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Everything is still the same. Nitrate (yes I tested correctly) was 5.

Then last night it was looking more like 0

I'll test it here again in a minute.

What can I do for my Ph? It's high...


Ok so the nitrate looks again like its close to 5. I can tell with the dip strips too that it is less then it was a few days ago before the water changes. The strip shows light light pink.

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