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my fish keep dying and theres nothing wrong!! help!

hi, I was wondering if anyone can help me?
I have a 110 litre tank heavily planted with mixed substrate fine and larger gravel.My water conditions are perfect as far as i can tell with all the test kits i use example -
no3 - 0
no2 - 2
gh - 16 which i think may be a bit high but the test says its ok.
kh - 6
ph - 7
clorine - 0
temp - 26 degrees

the tests suggest that these mesures are ok.
i dont use salt in my water , i did so before but seemed to make things worse!.
The fish i have are guppies, neons and pleco's and the plecs are happy as larry but the other fish just hide constantly and then i will spot one in the morning belly up! :( The guppies look like they might of died due to fin rot but surely not that quickly and they have also just had fry so if they are well enough to have babies why are they all dying?.
I have treated the tank with all the medications you can buy and nothing is working.
I really dont want to buy anymore fish as its not fair for them to die when they get to my tank.
Is there anyone that knows wats wrong if so please help!!!

p.s - i do water changes 25% every 2-3 days.
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Hi lloydyboi- Welcome to the forum! How long has your tank been set up? The first thing I would do is to stop "treating the tank with all the medications you can buy". It's best to use meds as a last resort (IMHO) and to only use them when you know exactly what it is you're treating for.
In a cycled tank you'd want to see readings of 0 for ammonia & nitrites and a reading for nitrates.
It sounds like your tank isn't cycled yet and this could be why your fish are having problems.
What brand of test kit are you using? Liquid or strips?

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