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Unhappy My fish have all gotten ich!

I've had my tank running for about three months and nothing has gone wrong til now.

I feed my fish every morning and night, nothing seemed to be wrong three days ago when i left in the morning. But when i got home, i noticed ich on my black long skirt tetras.
I didn't really freak out because i thought i recognized it early and took action. I have ich clearing stuff- AP+ Cure-ick- and i followed the directions.
I also added the right amount of bacteria supplement too. I raised the temp to about 82 and have been using the meds every 24 hours or so. The ich has only gotten worse though, at least that's how it looks.
Can somebody help me, because i have no idea what to do. Thanks in advance....
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Raise the temp to 86, and have you removed the carbon from your filter? Medication wont do anything if you haven't done that.
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i took the filter out and did the medications as it said, but the fish just look terrible. white spots everywhere on a few of them, and none of them are swimming around like they used to. i tested the levels of the water and everything is right..... plus they're all eating normally, as far as i've seen.
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The ich cycle lasts a week [and raising the temp is good as it speeds it up] so expect to see spots (and frequently increasing) until day 6 or 7 after treatment begins. Follow the instructions, I'm not familiar with the API product, but they are reliable so stick with it. Not that you've suggested it, but on no account mix medications; this can be disastrous as various substances can interact.


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