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don't have the levels off-hand, my bro just tested and said it was good to go. i'm picking up my own testing kit today as well as a background for the tank. and thanks for the compliments on the tank, wanted to have a relatively natural look and i think it's pretty good. didn't want to go for sand substrate yet though; just seemed like it'd be much more difficult to keep clean to me.

and yeah, the tank does appear to have a ghost
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Originally Posted by rustyness
and yeah, the tank does appear to have a ghost
zomg!!! scoop her out with a net before she drowns! then mail her to meee. shes pretty cute!

seriously though, i think id feel worse for the corys being under populated than i would over crowded. thats a tough call :\

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We need to know the exact results for ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate. In my opinion, a week is way too early to be adding so many fish...especially in a small tank.

As previously stated, you need to closely monitor your water quality, and do ample water changes, adding aqua-safe each time.
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well like i said, ill get those numbers to you as soon as i can (going out to buy a testing kit here in a few)

if my levels are too high what will i need to do to remedy it other than water changes with aquasafe? ive seen lots of places saying that if the levels are so high then you need to correct them, but never anywhere that actually said HOW to correct them.

im sure there are links on the site and knowing my look i looked right passed them while looking for them, seems to happen all the time. >_<
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The first and foremost way of correcting many problems will always be water changes. This rids and dilutes the toxic components in the water.

Other ways of correcting the problem of poor water quality is to control how many nutrients you are putting into the aquarium. This means how often you feed your fish, and how much. Also fertilizer for plants. May I ask how often you feed your fish, how much, and what types of food?

Another big contributer to poor water quality is overstocking an aquarium, and you are pushing your luck with this. I'm basing that solely on the fact that the aquarium is newly set-up, undergoing the nitrogen-cycle, and is only 10 gallons. A solution to this is to get rid of certain fish, give them to friends, or a local fish store. Or upgrading your tank size is another solution if you want to keep your current fish, or plan to add more.
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Very good advice from joutiemike. I forgot to mention earlier and I hope I'm not too late - when you buy your test kit, get a liquid test kit rather than strips or tablets as these are known to give inaccurate readings.

And when doing water changes, ensure that the water you put back into the tank is at roughly the same temperature as the water you have just taken out - otherwise you could shock the fish.

Once you have posted your water readings we will be able to help you further.
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ok, i figured it was primarily water changes, but i wasnt sure. right now were just feeding them flake food, probably going to mix in a few blood worms once in a while and such. and we have fake plants, so no soils or anything for them are in our tank.

and readings are:


and temp is at 78.

any ideas on stuff i should change, other than making sure to keep on eye on levels and make weekly water changes?
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Do you have a result there for ammonia?
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im afraid i didnt get the message about the test stripsuntil afterwards, but i tested twice and got the same results for both strips..

it tests nitrates, nitrties, hardness, alkalinity, and ph.

man, i never realized fish were this much work

edit: and as for how much they eat, i just put enough in that they eat in 3 minutes. i've yet to find any left over after the corys got done doing their rounds around the tank.
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aha!the glorys of having an older brother on campus.

he did some sample thing with my water where he collected it and added a few drops of chemicals to it, said he didnt detect any. and i guess he said i can borrow it when i need to do perform checks. how often should i be checking my stuff? i figured once a week was the norm, but should i be checking every day or two here at the beginning?
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