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I think in both scenario's in this thread, it is possible that tanks were left with very few fishes for perhaps extended period of time.Bacteria present was capable of handling waste from those few fish.
When numbers of new fish were added,the ammonia from fish waste increased beyond what the bacteria could process and rising ammonia levels killed off fishes that bacteria could not support as well as maybe some original fish. Something to consider anyway.

The most important medication in your fish medicine cabinet is.. Clean water.
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Thanks for the advice. I am not sure if the level is exactly 0 for nitrites because I am using strips with colored squares on them rather than something iwth numeric output, but the color matches up quite close to the one on the bottle that is suggested.

I have a few other generic questions -- does the placement of the filter matter in relation to the tank? Is it better to be in the center so oxygen is evenly distributed as opposed to being closer towards either side? Also, is it better to cut holes in the hood for ventiliation, or possibly even just leave it up or open? Does it matter?

Finally, I realize the dirtiest time in the tank will be when I clean it, that's obvious ;) however my question was isn't that bad for the fish to disturb their environment? I guess my filter is doing good because after 5-10 minutes the tank returns to a clear and normal state, but for those 5-10 minutes the tank is HORRIBLE, very cloudy and debris all over. I always feel that I am disrupting the fish' normal atmosphere and that it's too much for them to handle. I guess this won't be as bad after I properly clean all of the rocks and treat the water again especially now that I have a proper gravel vac, but still I am just wondering...

Thanks again.
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It is not too disruptive to the daily life of the fish to disrupt things in cleaning. Oh, I also want to reflect on the 10gal aquarium with a pleco in it idea too: NOT GOOD! I don't care what your pet store people said those fish get WAY too big for a 10gal. Fish will grow to the extent of their surroundings to a point but a pleco will always outgrow a 10gal tank. If a pleco is given the proper environment and space to thrive it can live 25-30 years or even more. In a 10gal aquarium that fish will not live a happy, healthy, long life.
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OH, one more thing. When you buy a 2 inch fish at the pet store, that fish is a baby and will get bigger. A molly does not stay 2 inches long, it can grow to be 4-5 inches. Which means in a 10gal tank situation, you can only house 2 mollies and nothing else.
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Thanks for that help. In regards to the Pleco, if my tank is clear and no visible signs of any algae whatsoever, is he starving to death potentially, or is he just eating algae that isn't visible to the human eye or something? I know they sell other food specifically for Pleco's and bottom feeders, but I wasn't sure if he was somehow finding food that isn't obvious to the untrained eye...
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Once they get to a certain age they will eat more than just algae. Although, algae is still an important part of their diet. That being said, it may be beneficial to use one algae wafer per pleco.
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I'm shocked you have fish at 200+. Plecos are big poo machines, so yes I'm shocked at keeping any pleco in a 10 gallon, I'd say most people here would suggest a 29 at minimum for a bristlenose pleco.


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Originally Posted by PRichs87 View Post
I'm shocked you have fish at 200+. Plecos are big poo machines, so yes I'm shocked at keeping any pleco in a 10 gallon, I'd say most people here would suggest a 29 at minimum for a bristlenose pleco.
Unfortunately I am sad to report my tank is fishless now. My pleco is no longer with us as of yesterday, and as of today my red swordtail is also deceased. :( They slowly developed lots of white spots which I assume was ick, and I was reading on here how to clean them and try to rejuvenate them, but I'm afraid I was too late.

Now that I have learned some important rules and fundamentals at the expense of my poor fish, I am going to start over and try to run my tank properly from the beginning. With that said, I have been reading a lot about this 'new tank cycle', but when exactly do you have to go through that? I would like to drain my tank and clean the gravel and make sure I get all the gook and waste out, so does that mean I have to wait like 2-3 weeks or so when I refill it? Or...since I already have a running filter with that carbon pad that you're apparently "never supposed to change, just rinse", am I good to go assuming I have the new water at a good temp and make sure it is dechlorinated and so forth?
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If you suspect that you had ick in your tank I would highly recommend getting a new carbon filter and yes, you need to basically start from scratch after cleaning the tank that thoroughly.
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Well, problem is, I originally thought the motor on my original filter had been going bad (I cleaned it and it seemed to work fine after), but I got a brand new filter and replaced it about a month ago. It came with a new carbon pad as well, so the one I had in most recently was actuallly quite new and I'd hate to waste it... I would think my old one that I got rid of probably had the worst in it.

Also, what is the best way to clean the tank and the accessories now that I have drained it? I have my plants and decorations outside after I washed them hoping they will dry and maybe the sun and heat will do them good. I also have all of my gravel in a bucket but not sure how to rinse it without the bucket filling up with the same dirty water that gets washed off of the rocks...

Any tips? It seems hard to go through this with just a 10 gallon tank and I've made a mess with water and other stink... I can't see how people do it with much larger tanks.
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