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Originally Posted by Byron View Post
Several enjoyed the video in yesterday's post, so here's another of interest, again from Heiko. His discovery of a new creek, probably the first time seen by non-indiginous people, in Columbia, and new species of fish photographed.

The video part-way down the series of photos is quite interesting; tetras some will recongize, and Corydoras in shoals. The corys definitely remain close together for security, and notice how they also prefer the quieter bank to escape the faster water flow mid-stream. I have frequently written about these forest fish and their preferences for slow-flowing water and dim light (overhanging trees), plus sunken branches for cover; these habitat videos show why I maintain this view.

Aquapress Bleher - Caņo Libertad, Colombia, 10 December, 2009

Don't neglect page 2 on the site, there are more good photos of fish Heiko caught in this stream, including some beautiful cardinals, the true Poecilocharax weitzmani, hatchets, pencilfish, dwarf cichlids... amazing.


Gotta love cory's or other species for that matter in surroundings that make them feel comfortable.
As an old river fisherman, I would note that sometimes in rivers,,especially at turns,, the current is often greater than at mid channel although the video does seem to suggest that the current at the time video was recorded,,does indicate slower movement judging by particulate matter floating past.
I have been observing catfish in aquariums for some time ,and I am beginning to get on board with others who feel that lack of water movement near the bottom of aquariums along with sharp substrates are possibly contributing to barbel erosion on these fish.
Considering these fish feed mostly from the bottom where much bacterial activity takes place,, it is not so much of a stretch I believe ,that stagnant or water with little movement could indeed lead to bacterial infections that work to erode the barbels.

Would welcome others thoughts ?

The most important medication in your fish medicine cabinet is.. Clean water.
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