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Molly Help - Beginner

ok i'm very new to fish tanks and fish. I just picked up a 2.5 gallon tank the other day and i placed 1 male betta fish in the tank. i also went to the fish emporium and ask the guy what type of fish i can add to the tank with the betta. the man suggested i buy 1 balloon molly. he is orange with black spots everywhere and pretty small. He's about the same size as the betta, but maybe a little bigger...

they do not bother one another but i noticed the molly is pretty hyper in the tank and swims around like crazy and almost seems crazy. is this normal behavior? my 2.5 gallon tank has a filter in it and the temperature is right where it needs to be but he just seems like a little spaz. I bought him yesterday and he isn't very laid back.

I just don't know if something is wrong with him or not....
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a molly needs a bigger tank than 2.5 gal. take him back, and just keep the betta in the 2.5
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Originally Posted by jsagrav View Post
a molly needs a bigger tank than 2.5 gal. take him back, and just keep the betta in the 2.5


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Welcome to the forum and the hobby! Be careful with betta. A lot of people find it hard to just stop at one!

The molly is going to need a larger tank. In tanks smaller than 10 gallons, there are no other fish you can keep with your betta. The 2.5 gallon is fine for the betta as long as it is heated to around 78F and you do two water changes weekly (one 50% and one 100%). I also suggest that you read our profiles for these fish which can be found here (just click on the shaded name): betta fish (Betta splendens) and molly (Poecilia sphenops).


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