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Looking for a Coldwater "sucker fish".....

Hiya.. on my way to look for a nice algae eater today, had the idea given of weather loaches but wondered if there were any others to keep my eye out for.. I have a 48g tank at the mo so dont want something that will outgrow this (as a bigger tank wont fit in the room lol) any advice greatly appreciated.. thanksss xx

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p.s the tanks temp is sitting at around 80.F in the day

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Hillstream loaches but they are best kept in specialist river setups as they needed plenty of oxygen and powerful currents to thrive.

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This is a coldwater tank, but the temp is at 80F? That's warm even for some tropical fish.

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...at that temp. it's definatley NOT a CW tank...

My CW tank is 68F...my tropical tanks are set at 76-78 F...

CW fish won't survive well in superwarm waters like that...

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One assumes your ambient temperature is higer than you'd like it to be, and that the cold half of the year, you'll have it around 65-68. That said, if you make sure there's some current and you oxygenate well, hillstream loaches are a good deal. They do like to be in a group though. Alternately, Bulldog plecos are from the Andean foothills, and thrive in water in the 68-72 range.

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I know .. the temp is high, fish seem fine tho.. can only put it down to the nice weather weve been having. We did have a lovely hillstream loach for a long time a while ago and he was great to watch but would like a change this time lol Just took the temp again while its nighttime and lights are off and its still at 79.4 (ive got a feeling the thermometer is a bit dodgy bcuz it doesnt feel that warm.) Didnt find a fish the other day so still on the hunt lol ill keep you posted. xx

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There's nothing wrong with your thermometer. Water has a very high specific heat, and so retains the day's heat long into the evening.

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