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Originally Posted by Byron View Post
The issues with peat are the tannins discolouring the water, which some don't mind but others do; but moreso it has to be continually replaced. The peat will "wear out" as it leeches tannins softening the water. The time depends upon the initial hardness, the amount of peat, and the degree of GH you want in the end. And it is not cheap, if you are using lots of it.

The best way as I said is to dilute the tap water with some form of pure water. Depending where you are, rain water can be used. Or consider a RO unit. Long-term this may be less expensive than buying water, plus you will be able to have a steady supply without running out.
Thanks byron, I think the pure water mixture will be the solution as it appear to be less expensive and not as high maintenance.

I got home and tested a "Acadia Natural Spring Water" Bottled water with the Nitrate test.

I shook the regent to for 2 minutes.

I got a result of 3-5ppm in the bottled water. It is not zero, but its below 5ppm which I have never seen.

So my test could be giving me heightened nitrate results? The kit is not expired. I made sure of this.
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Very interesting! Well. . . I DO know that many brands of bottled water aren't all they're cracked up to be. I wonder if this particular brand was one of the ones tested for quality. Have to do a google search to see if you can dig any other test info on them. . . I wouldn't be surprised if it's accurate (and I really want to be able to rely on the API tests) - but I'm also hoping it isn't! I'll be watching to see where this goes. I think you may be testing a few different brands of bottled water!!!
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Mika suggested getting RO water and testing that.
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That's one way to be SURE. But you can't get RO water! What a dilemma!

MY tap water tests with 0 nitrates. It went up for a while, and tested steadily within that time frame, until it fell back to 0. My tank's nitrates also rose slightly during that time. . . so for what it's worth, our tests are at least consistent. . .
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Distilled water is more pure than deionized. Im gonna get that.
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I sent an email to the Faculty/Environmental Marine Sci. Coordinator who works for the University I work for and a conservative group around the area.

I sent her an e-mail explaining my test results and I got this in return:

We do nitrate testing of Wicomico River water every 2 weeks. The river water is never over about 10 and usually right near 5 ppm. Unfortunately, last night was the night, so it’ll be 2 weeks, but we can certainly test the tap water then.
I somehow am not so surprised, as we filled a large tank with tap water and it grew algae like you would not believe!
I have a LaMotte kit I can check with in the meantime; I’ll let you know what I find there.
So the river is normal as well as the water plant. I am waiting to see if her tests appear like mine in the tap water tests.

She will test with her kit and the schools kit.
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