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Oh man, I woulda let you hit him :)
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Except cats! They'll choose you sometimes. Two of mine did
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The guy that was trying to convince him with me just looked at me and rolled his eyes. Then when he left we talked about how he was such an idiot.

Originally Posted by Mettalikatt View Post
Except cats! They'll choose you sometimes. Two of mine did
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LOL Dogs do to if you live out in the country were stupid people sometimes abandon them. When I was little we always had 2-5 dogs that always just showed up at our house and of course we feed them and they decided to stay. We had several great dogs come to us that way.

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That's the one downside to working at a place like that, sometimes you get great people who you can chat with for hours, other times you get the idiots who shouldn't own fish.

I'd have to say my favorite customer was an older lady who's koi kept getting stolen at night by her neighbors and she told me she was gonna sit in her kitchen with the lights off holding her shotgun and anyone who came after her koi was going to get shot because "i'm an old lady and I don't know any better, tee hee"
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woah now thats a loving grandma. watch CSI in one episode about a young girl being killed and dumped in a dumpster.they found her coz this fake cop with real uniform snatched this lady's bag was persued to a abandoned home and cornered with no where to run but a window.he leaps out the window and fell into the huge garbage bin in the alley and landed on the dead girls body. they went to a club coz she had their admission chop on her thigh. in the club there was this huge tank with several white koi in it. he claims they cost 12k a piece or was it 12k a month for maintenance. koi in a noisy club teaming with cigarettes smoke and contraband...... 0.0

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iv been working at a lfs and the people who work there have a passion for there animals/pets and care for there fish......we have ofter laughted people out of the shop because of what they wanted ......some have asked for 2 male bettas in a 5 gallon hahahaha and others ask for parahna with SMALL chiclids hahaha we just dont allow them to buy fish :):):)

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If I had a fish shop, I'd put up a giant sign saying "No question is stupid, ask away! Please research the
fish you are interested in, or you might as well burn your money right HERE!" and have a little BBQ. lol

It would hammer in the financial downside of ignorance, since some people care more about their wallet's health than their pet's health (unfortunately).
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Originally Posted by Calmwaters View Post
I was helping out at the small lfs one day and a guy wanted to buy just one cory cat to go with one he already had and me and the other guy tried to tell him he really needed to get at least 2 more so the fish would not be stressed and he would not listen to us then had the nerve to say," There just fish if they die I will get more." I wish I could of smacked him.
Just want to add this should apply to any animal you get after all they don't chose us we chose them.

It sort of funny you mention that because that was sort of the answer I got when I talked to the LFS about some of the fish I had purchased from them, under their suggestion. They basically told me to flush them and get new fish. I was shocked and saddened by that advice. I am always sad when I see animals of any kind being sold in the chain store types. I honestly never really went into the fish sections of those stores until about the past year. I was a little shocked at what I saw in them. Now that I have learned more about fish, I am even more so. All fish species seem to suffer. Feeder fish, Pleco's and Sharks are the ones I most see misrepresented.

I even went so far at Petsmart to show them printed information proving they have their tags mis marked on some of their fish. The admitted it was wrong but now months later, it is still the same and they are still selling fish that can potentially get 18-24 inches long to people who have 25 gallon tanks. Makes me angry and sad at the same time.

I am thinking of getting some loaches to add to my tank yet but am hesitant until I can more easily recognize species on sight. I don't want to get there and have them tell me it is what I want only to find out it is the wrong species and it is actually going to get as big as a dolphin or something. I made the mistake of trusting them once. That WON'T happen again.
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Ugh, that drives me NUTS! I work at PetSmart and I hate those tags. I always tell everyone to add six to twelve inches, depending on the fish. And I hate hate HATE that we sell pacus. I firmly believe that if they belong on the "don't buy these fish unless you're super experienced and have a twenty gajillion gallon tank" list. There are so many things I would change about working there, I'd love to open my own store where I wouldn't have to deal with an idiot company and could hire people who actually knew what the f*%# they're talking about
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Yeah, I would be thrilled if at least one of them knew what the heck they were talking about. When I first started this whole thing, I knew NOTHING ( like everyone else) I trusted that they knew what they were talking about as they claimed to know all there was to know about the fish they sold.

First mistake was buying a bunch of Tiger Barbs to cycle the tank. This after I said I wanted a community tank. I managed the cycle process without losing a fish but that was because I found this place and started doing daily 30 gallon water changes for a few weeks. Next mistake was buying the Leporinus (again at their suggestion) Great choice for a 60 gallon heavily planted tank as you know. Next was the 4 Gourami (Yup, I am down to 1 Gourami) Actually those last two stupid things were simultaneous, incase you are wondering if I don't learn.

I am enjoying my fish but they were not the fish I wanted and now I am stuck with them unless I can find a new home and start all over. I am looking for a second tank and this time, I won't make the same mistakes I did the first time around. All in all, I learned not to trust the Petsmart employees to know anything. I do think they do an excellent job of maintaining their tanks though. At least the one here does. I have been pretty happy with the health of my fish, if only I had the "right fish" it would all be good. I also, have been pretty happy with the plants from there.
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