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Originally Posted by Chesherca View Post
Glad to hear that the two are settling in, at least. . . rams stress easily, and these three have been through their fair share of changes since coming home - plus with the changes in how you're doing in the water/nitrate, and changes to the scape of the tank - hopefully now that things are going to be a bit more stable, they will continue to calm down and settle into their new home.

As for that other little one. . . *cries* I hope you can work it out for him to remain with you happily, but yeah - if not (and if you can't find a buyer), you know he'll have a good home with my Bolivian-obsessed self. If you lived less than 2.5 hours away from me, I'd have already kidnapped him, you know. ;)

As far as your plans for the 20 vs the 55 and stocking more rams. . . I'm falling back on the fact that BR sold in normal pet shops are too young to properly sex, as a general rule. The idea of trying for a male/female pair to live alone in a tank, I think, should be discarded. Rams can be funny about that kind of thing - they have to be able to pick their own mate, and though I've read instances where they can be faithful for life, I've also read many examples (Byron's being only one) of a mating pair suddenly turning on one-another. I suspect that you would be better off to get a grouping of 6 for your 55g tank - if you *can* get 4 fems to 2 males, this might work out, and you can separate the current couples (if any) to spawn when they're ready (if you're interested in breeding them)

Having a live-bearer species tank is a great idea - of course I would say so, as I'm planning mine right now, lol! I don't know about that Krib, tho. . .she's a nippy little thing! I guess you'll just have to see how that works out.

The video looks good, rams squabble from time to time - it's just their nature! I compare mine to boys on the schoolyard punching shoulders and shoving to see who's toughest. Keep an eye out (I know you are) for any actual HARM or excess stress caused by their scrapping. As long as fins remain intact, no actual injuries are dealt, and nobody seems over stressed (hiding, skittish, pale, not eating, darkening) I'd say this is normal Bolivian behavior (from what I've seen and read - you know I'm new at this, too!)

Good luck, and please continue to keep us posted!
I can always put the Kribensis up for sale. She has gotten bigger and more colorful since I got her.

The two in there right now look beautiful. Everything from their scales to their fins are in great condition. The only one who was hiding is the one that is in the 20 gallon right now.

Originally Posted by Byron View Post
I don't see anything there with respect to the rams. Some challenges from time to time is fine, this is their natural behaviour. I may or may not get violent.

And as for adding females, this can be more trouble as Chesherca said. Sexing this species is next to impossible at the immature age they are at in most stores. Finding some that are larger might help, and then observe carefully how they react in the store tank. This is the best way to tell males from females, their interaction.

Even so, there is no guarantee the males in your tank will accept the female(s) you add. Mine didn't.

On another note, observe how the neons remain above the pile of rock and branches. Perfectly natural behaviour.

Yeah that is some good advice, I will look at some better LFS's around me to see. I'm going back to Rockville so if I find any in the stores there i could always consider them. I don't think I'll be getting the rams until the new tank is ready and cycled. The only thing i'm planning on adding to this tank right now is the 2 cories to make my total of 6. I think that will make them feel more comfortable.

12 Neon Tetras
8 Harlequin Rasboras
6 Bronze Cory
2 Bolivian Rams
1 Male Albino Bristlenose Pleco
Ramshorns and Bladder Snails

That is the ideal final stocking for the 29 gallon. When I get the 50L/55 the Harlequins will take over the 29, I may get like 12 more of them. I will move the Neons to the 55 and get more of them.
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Also, this is a video from over a week ago when I first did the rescape. The rams were just introduced and they weren't too happy with one another. I haven't caught any of this behavior again so I am hoping they settled down.

They mainly just flare and don't confront one another right now. I'm keeping an eye out.

You can see what I'm talking about in the first ten seconds of the video:
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Any time Bolivians are introduced into a new environment, or their environment is drastically changed, their aggression will also raise. Not only are they stressed from the change, but you're forcing them to establish (or re-establish) their territories and hierarchy. . . lip locking and, well, ramming is how they go about doing it! Again, as long as nobody is coming to any physical harm, or too stressed out - it's normal ram behavior. Mine were more scrappy when I first put them into my tank, and since have settled to the point that I only see any aggression (more or less) during mealtimes - and it's subdued. I rarely see lip-locking anymore, and when I do, it breaks off fairly quickly. . . I've read that such behavior will intensify as the rams reach sexual maturity, or are ready to mate, but I haven't gotten that far yet!
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