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Once again thank you! Ill take a look at that page after I post this reply. Ive got VERY little in the form of LFS. They sell some plant bulbs as well plants that come in these plastic containers. I purchased one of those 'live' plants recently, and while ill admit I dont really know how it SHOULD look, it doesnt look very good to me. I have had sucess in the past with the bulbs though and plan to get some more when I buy another ten gallon tank dedicated to plants. So Ill almost guarantee an order from the website you referred me to I just got off the phone with the wife and got the OK for the 55 gallon so its a GO! Right now my plans are to dedicate one of the ten gallon tanks to a nicely planted aquarium for the beta and another nicely planted 10 gallon for the neons. Im not sure what I intend to put into the 55 gallon at this point. The first step will be getting the tank, setting it up and properly cycling it while also getting it planted. Then I will think about the fish. Thanks once again for your reply. Cheers
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Yea I got the same issue here, so I gave up locally and just order a bunch plants online there....Specially for a 55g set up, I ordered enough to qualify for free shipping, so the prices def beat any store I ever seen lol
I also realized with a lot members here lately that buy the plants in them plastic tubes at petco/ petsmart; a lot of them are actually NOT true tank plants, will survive for a lil while fully submerged but never thrive years on end like real tank plants.

HEY Congratulations!!!! Well I'd say def add your Mollies & Cory cats in it and stock up the cats to a group (not that you have the room) of something like 10 cats.

A lil tip from my end on cycling: Which ever one of these 10g has been running the longest in your house: Take the pad out of its filter, wash it out in the new 55g set up (called seeding) and put the pad/ sponge back where it came from the 10g....That's pretty much instant cycle if you will, between that and planting it you won't have no issue going fwd.

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Keep in mind there's a big difference between aggression and predation. Even if a fish is a complete puppy dog when it comes to aggression, it still won't pass up a free meal. I've kept quite a few fish that were/are generally very well-behaved community residents but will quickly learn that small enough fish are edible. They don't attack them; they just eat them.

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