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Ideas for a 45 gal tall?

I'm just curious as to what anyone here would do with this. Personally I'd like to do a small sorority of 6-7 female bettas with a few peaceful schooling fish and a small shoal of otos or corys, but that may not happen. aside from the purely peaceful schools and shoals, what ideas or additions do you have?
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If you have the idea go for it, best way to make a tank is to go with what you want most and perfect it. Do all that with live plants and it would look great

That would make sense. Haven't you heard? We make yogurt, not sense.

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that was the plan but I'd like to see what else I could do. I'm seeing mixed details on spiny would they work in this tank? or are there other solitary fish that would be a good match?
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I believe the zig zags stay small and are community safe. If not them, there is a spiny eel that is.

I'm considering draining my 45 and putting a chameleon in it.

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I always want the owner of the new tank to "fall in love" with one fish, or one biotope idea, to set the theme. I have never set up a tank without having very definite ideas about what I wanted in it, so I am somewhat mystified by those who solicit suggestions of others. Anyway, you mentioned the sorority tank idea so here goes . . .

What I like about the idea of a sorority tank, is that this volume is the appropriate size. Lots of people think you can stick a whole bunch of female bettas in a ten or fifteen and have anything else but bloodshed! The only thing that concerns me is that the tank is a 45 tall. I wish it were a breeder 40 or 40-long. . . is this too tall a tank for the girls? I don't know. They may be okay, unencumbered as they are by the ridiculously long finnage of the males, or you could make sure that some floating plants and upward reaching driftwood would be available to act as resting platforms so the ladies don't have to climb so many stairs. He he he.

I say go for it, then look for fish that will cope with the same water chemistry and temperature. I am thinking of dwarf chain loaches, lochatas, striated loaches or even clowns which, granted, get large, but how many decades will that take?

Something in me doesn't trust the mostacembelus eels with slow-moving fish like bettas. Am I wrong? I think they are fascinating, but they get to be rather large creatures, and they definitely use that stealthy demeanor and big mouth for something!

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oh the eel wasnt going to be with bettas. I want some type of centerpiece, be it a sorority, or some solitary fish. an eel AND bettas would be a bit overkill for one tank I think, even in the event that it did work.

edit: as to your concern about the height of the tank heavy use of floating plants was planned (a requirement for sororities I'm told), and the outside of the tank is about 30" tall, around 18x20 base. Strangely, I haven't really seen any other tanks with similar dimensions..

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