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your help is greatly appreciated. I think you are correct as far as the behavior. I also took a look at your aquarium photos..its beautiful. Job well done!!

10 gal with 4 tetras, 1 pleco & 1 unknown eel like fish.
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Kind of looks like a horseface loach.

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thanks so much. It took me a while to find a aquarium. I bought it for 50 dollars used. It has a few scratches (actually alot) but when your looking at the fish you don't notice them. As far as your fish is concerned i think it will do fine considering it's nocturnal and eats at night. If you rarely see it, it is not dead it's just hiding under a rock or something. At first i thought he was dead because i didn't know he was nocturnal. I research everyone of my fish to research their habits and how to keep them alive. If i were you i would wait until i found out what kind it is and then do some research. Keep looking your fish name is out there... somewhere... i hope.

55 Gallon Aquarium
1 Black Kuhli Loach
3 Black Skirt Tetras
4 Angelfish (3 Marble, 1 Gold)
1 Glass Fish
2 Blue Sunset Gourami
3 African Dwarf Frog
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I dont think its a horseface loach either because there is no dorsal fin and no wiskers. It's mouth doesn't seem to indicate that it's a bottom feeder as most loaches. It's straight out, almost looks like it has lips. Thanks for your reply & suggestion.

SeaS - it's not bad for a used one. I have a 30gal that needs resealing but I think I may just buy a new one and turn that one into a terrerium with maybe a dart frog. That's if I can find room for it.

thanks again everyone!

10 gal with 4 tetras, 1 pleco & 1 unknown eel like fish.
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defiantly a spiny eel of some kind, I'm guessing a colour variation of Macrognathus zebrinus Zebra spiny eel;
although it could be a Mastacembelus vanderwaali

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damn two dollars? i wanted a peacock eel and those are 15$

id say aswell its a spiny by the look of the tail

fishie fishie fishie
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So I want to know if your unidentified little friend is still doing ok.
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About how big is he right now?

I want to say Ropefish, but that wouldn't be right.
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Sorry I haven't replied sooner. Unfortunately my little unknown friend has vanished from my tank. I have no clue where it is. I checked in the waterfall filter and he's not there. Nothing else could have eaten him. I figured he got snatched by one of the cats during or right after an escape from the small opening by the filter. :( I haven't seen anymore like it at Walmart afterwards but I did see the peacock eels for right under $7. I decided to just buy platy's & a catfish instead. I do believe he was some sort of tire track or zig zag eel. So many different kinds I probably never would have found out for sure.

I want to thank everyone for their kindness & the help y'all have given me. I have learned alot the short time I've been here.
Thanks again!!!!

10 gal with 4 tetras, 1 pleco & 1 unknown eel like fish.
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I'm sorry for the loss ... I have been vary parinoid about my eels. They are clever little guys and if they dont try to get out they like to hide in new places all the time.
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