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Originally Posted by creativeriver View Post
Well, this is it. I purchased the clove oil and a fairly good quality vodka yesterday (Three Olives). I hope that the smoother vodka will be kindest on my zebra danio. Personally, I am having a martini at present just because I hope it helps me actually go through with this.

What helps most is having you, a community of tropical fish keepers who empathize, offer the best of their knowledge and experience, and care. I thank you.

I measured eight ounces of tank water and put it in a clear bowl. Then took a pair of my own black pants and wrapped it around. I netted her an put her in, turned off any bright light I took about three ounces of tank water in a separate jar and put in only one drop of clovce oil, shook it up 'til the water turned cloudy white and poured in only about 25% of it.

She swam on her side a few times around the bowl, without any sign of stress in breathing. All the while I stayed right with my zebra as the clove oil took effect, just saying I love you and that I will not leave her alone through this. She is next to me now.
It is sad but it's sadder to watch them suffer IMO. And I always take a shot of the vodka myself when putting down a fish. Sorry about your fishy.

Animal testing is a terrible idea; they get all nervous and give the wrong answers.
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creativeriver (12-08-2010)
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The deed is done...she is gone

Again, thank you for your support through this time of trembling.

My little zebra has passed on, and I believe into the arms of God.

I poured in the 25% of the clove oil/tank water mixture and she seemed very relaxed. When I poured in the two ounces of vodka, one oz and then the other along the bowl side so it sort of slid in rather than create any more trama for zebra. After about 30 seconds I saw her take one gasp of air through her mouth and then gill activity began rythmicxally again, about every thrity seconds whereas, prior to the vodka intro, I saw very little gill activity (some, relaxed, gentle, a whisper really). Then she breathed a little deeper and I noticed her pupils moving some.

I then poured in another 25% of the clove oil/water mix after shaking. After that I poured in 1/2 oz. of vodka (maybe it was too smooth!?!). Gill movement stopped very soon after (about 30 seconds).

It is interesting and touching to me that even though this zebra has been in her own 10-gallon tank for at last eight months, the other fish in my 55-gallon (in eye shot of the 10-gallon) most stood together and watched the whole thing. I have a picture but can't at the moment fide my usb cable.

Will post pics iif anyone wants to see. Just let me know.

Take care and thank you once again for a forum where i could logon in the midst of a tremendously trying momoent, and find friiends.

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Hi Tanker...:)

If you read my most recent posts you will see that I did the best I could and now my zebra who has now has passed on.

I did quite a bit of on-line research, called my vetranarian office (parrot and doggie), and left a vm for the aquarium curator at discovery world in Milwaukee. Even though shocking, decapitation came up as the quickest and kindest way to euthinize a fisher (with a sharp knife/blade and absolutely NO hesitation once begun).

Not a surgeon by choice...lol...the clov oil/ vod method seemed second best. My vetranary office said that they could put my fish under anasthesia, give her an injection and then gas her. I said that she was only about 1.5 inches in length. So, took a diifferent road.

What I feel best about is that I continued to look her in the eye during most of the process and therefore hope she did not feel all alone.

You have been so very helpful to me during this time and I just want to thank you personally.

Take care and God bless.

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I think you did the right thing, I don't think she had any prospect of recovery. RIP little fish.
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Pics of danio send off by tank mates

Rest in peace
Attached Images
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File Type: jpg Danio send off.jpg (67.3 KB, 34 views)

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I feel your pain. I have had to use the clove oil/vodka method for putting down a very sick gourami. The poor fella was suffering so, and I could tell.. It was hard.. very hard.... (I know Im overly emotional to begin with) but in the end it is the kindest thing to do.

Bless you both.

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creativeriver (12-09-2010)
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Sorry for your loss. You did the best by the fish and that is all you can do. Sometimes there just aren't any more options left.

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creativeriver (12-10-2010)
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Follow up

Just a follow up. In one of my previous posts it was mentioned that I left a message for the aquarium curator at Discovery World in Milwaukee to ask for his expertise on the most humane way to euthenize a fish (specifically my zebra danio).

Well, after I left the voice mail I thought to myself that such a person would likely not have time to call me back about my little fish...but I was wrong!!!

He called the next morning and said that when they need to euthenize a fish they use MS-222 anesthesia and that this would be a very humane way. However, this type of product is not available to the open public and for good reason.

He touched me so when he then offered that I could bring my fish to him and he would do it for me using the MS-222. What an awesome person!!! As a result, this weekend I am going to apply for membership at Discovery World and adopt/sponsor one of the fish they have there...lol...

I am so grateful for the care and support of you, my community here, and also of that from Discovery World in Milwaukee. I feel truly humbled and connected at the same time.
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That's a true fish lover. How kind of him to offer.
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wow.. I agree.. very very generous of him to offer.
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tumor , zebra danio

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