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I'm somewhat concerned about my fish.

I have a Siamese Algae Eater. In my reading I've found that they're not really picky about food. However, he doesn't seem to be eating much of anything that I drop into the water. .. not even algae wafers. Unless he's just sneaky and finds the "debris" later after I walk away.
I didn't really have an algae problem when I got him, but I had read about them beforehand.

I do see him all the time doing the regular algae eater thing: "licking" surfaces.

Meh. Should I assume he's getting enough of whatever he needs be it from algae that's growing or from food I supply?

3 Platies, 1 molly mut, 1 Siamese algae eater, 2 Neolamprologus Facicula cichlids
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I think your algae eater is fine. oftentimes they wont come and eat like regular fish do. I have just a regular pleco and i dont give any special food for him, and hes doing just fine. mine does 'licking' all the time and i have no algea, and he eats whatever he finds. I think your chinese eater should be fine just eating what he finds on the bottom of the tank. if your concerend, you can give him the wafers, but dont expect him to come eat it right after you give it to him, they have a 'im better than you and i do things on my own terms attitude'. good luck
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+1 for psych

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Thanks sj45 'i try' lol. ;p
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Might want to try some blanched zucchini. My algea eater love it.
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