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I Know I know they'll get eaten... But...

So I REALLY want to house a couple shrimp in my peaceful to semi-aggro community tank. I know some of my fish will want to eat shrimp but I have seen and heard of people keeping shrimp with carnivores.

In the tank I have:

6 tiger barbs (3lg 3sm)
7 neon tetra
5 zebra danios
4 Mollies (red wag, balloon and sword tail)
3 zebra loaches
2 glass bloodfin tetras

My tank is a 55g live planted tank with 2 large caves and probably 6-7 smaller caves most with planted entrances.
Currently my pH is 7.2 all other parameters 0.

It's not "heavily" planted but I have about 70$ worth of plants coming. Right now I have about 25 clusters of Java Fern, and 4 sword?? Plants. But I have full foreground, midground, and background compliments coming. I have virtually no algae so I know I'd need wafers but I really want some shrimp.

Has anyone had any luck with a certain type of shrimp in a similar tank? Maybe mature shrimp? Besides the loaches anyone see any ensuing battles?? Are shrimp like fish in that with groups they're safer?

Thank you, I've tried searching but everything says no go. And I'm hard-headed.
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I've been wondering about this too. I also have a semi-aggro community, with a number of mollies, platties, and rainbow sharks, which always gets me weird looks. But it all comes down to getting lucky with a fish with the right personality, and having the right set-up. It sounds like with the plants you have coming you should be just fine...I often see Ghost Shrimp housed with clown loaches, barbs, and a few sharks and barely any hiding spots, which made me wonder if maybe Ghost Shrimp would be ok in my tank. They're a fairly disposable investment, only like 33 cents at petsmart, so if thet get eaten, owell. That's the only shrimp I know of though, I don't know about other shrimp.
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Awesome. I wanted sharks but all the other fish I wanted are prey and/or shoaling fish. And my bioload is already pretty tapped.

And I totally agree with the personality thing. My tiger barbs are super peaceful and have never messed with any of the others. Even the longfin balloon mollie. My loaches were in hiding for the last week because of some Chinese algae eaters and a golden algae eater I had. So I don't really know their temperament yet. Especially since I only have 3 I'm a little worried about them.

I really want cherry shrimp but you make a good point with the cost of ghost shrimp. Worst case scenario it's decently priced meal. And if the ghosts do ok I may trade them out for cherries later.
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The cool thing about shoaling fish is the shoaling process itself is what helps them not to get picked on. I have two different types of platties who shoal, and my guppy chilled with them before he died, but since the platties shoal, my sharks never mess with them. I have enough hiding spots for the sharks to tend to themselves anyway. The only thing about Ghost Shrimp is what their named for- they're transparent ("ghost"), so they can be hard to spot if you don't have a lot of them. At Petsmart they usually have about 10-30 roaming the gravel bed, and even then at first glance you dont realize right away that there's shrimp in there. But I spend a lot of time staring at my tank and getting to know my fish, so I'm sure they can be entertaining just the same :)
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try cherry shrimp

38 gallon :
Pelvicachromis Taeniatus Nigerian Red not yet breeding pair
4 Pangio Kuhli
12 Hemmigrammus Bleheri
2 Botia Lohachata
1 Botia Straita
1 Ancistrus Sp.
6 Poecilia Reticulata

The Wet Spot Portland Oregon!!!!!!

ADA: Do!aqua Iwagumi 10 gallon size!
7 Clown Killies
7 Ghost shrimp
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Ya and shoaling keeps my barbs themselves from picking on the others aswell. It's cool to watch. I do feel bad for my glass bloodfins though. I want atleast 3 more of them and 1-2 loaches.

But ya the ghost shrimp I think are cool cause they're transparent. And I may just try cherries.
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If you have plants, you'll see them a lot more often than you ever would at petsmart. Mine like to hop around on the Java Fern and Marimo so quite often I'll catch them in the middle of the tank hanging out on the various leaves. Are your tigers Mature? They can go from very peaceful to jerks, they'd be what I would worry about most they tend to like to pick of things.
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What I did was just grab some ghost shrimp. I thought they'd all get eaten, I had an angel at the time and I currently have rams.. but they've survived. I lost a couple when I was rearranging my tank (I couldn't really remove them all from the tank because the second the tank water started getting cloudy from my sand - I couldn't see them anymore! Sad!). But they're so cheap, if they do get eaten you won't be out much cash.
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I stumbled across this thread again, randomly...After an update, proud an shocked to say I had a lovely bunch of Ghost Shrimp that the rainbow shark wanted nothing to do with...sadly they all passed during the transition to sand substrate, but as far as semi-agro communities, nobody wanted them for lunch!! I also recently stumbled across Bamboo Shrimp in my LFS. If you want something visual that you can see, these suckers are pretty "in your face." These were about as big in width and length as my thumb, if not bigger, and come in a variety of colors.
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